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Cardinals (Year 4)

Welcome to Year 4


Our class is called Cardinals. 

Cardinals are taught by Miss Giddens.  Cardinals are supported by Mrs O'Connor and Miss Parsley. 


Things to remember:

Library will take place in class on a Monday.  Please remember to bring back your book each Monday, so you can choose a new one.

Spelling folders will be collected every Monday.

PE will take place on a Wednesday. Please come into school on Wednesdays wearing your PE kit. 


Key dates:

Please see the class newsletter for important dates throughout the year.

Meet the Teacher (via Microsoft Teams) : Friday 18th September at 4:00pm.


Week 3-4


We used our work on the wordless picture book, 'Journey' by Aaron Becker to write the words to go alongside the illustrations. We focused on the use of adverbs, prepositions and commas within lists. 


This week we focused on place value and comparing and ordering numbers up to 4-digits. We have been using number lines, cherry models, base ten and number sentences to illustrate this. 


On Tuesday, we went on a mini-beast hunt within our school Forest Area looking for invertebrates. We found a caterpillar, snail, centipede, woodlice, ladybirds and spiders. 

We observed the invertebrates' features carefully and closely using a magnifying glass and classified what type of invertebrate it was that we found. 

We even used our class visualiser to zoom in on the different parts of a snail, which is a Mollusc, due to its slimy foot and shell features.



This week we have been focusing on colours. We made rainbows and labelled the colours. 


We researched the features of a Viking longship and wrote about why the longships were so effective for a speedy but silent transportation method for the Vikings. 


On Wednesday afternoon with Mr Mitchell, we used a variety of drums to make a whole-class piece of music, using different speeds and hand motions.

Week 1-2


This week in Literacy we have been looking at a picture book called Journey by Aaron Becker. We have been using our inference skills to think about how the main character might be feeling during different events.


We started the term by reflecting on our key learning from last year (place value, times tables and time). We used different forms of representation to illustrate 3-digit numbers to compare, estimate and order.



In PE we have started our unit of work on hockey. We have practice dribbling round cones and changing our speed to be more accurate.



We introduced our topic of Living Things and their Habitats and used the mnemonic MRS GREN to describe the characteristics of all living things.

We then dissected a sunflower and identified its individual parts.


The journey of the Vikings started in Scandinavia and ended in Britain. We showed our knowledge on a map of Europe and explained that the reason the Vikings made this journey was due to the lack of farming potential in their homeland, leading to a settlement in Britain with fertile land. 



We used our Literacy book as a focus and used chalk pastels to portray an event, using red or purple as a pop of colour, which was a technique mirrored in the book.

We also made our own chalk pastel Van Gogh based on his piece Starry Night. 





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