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Curriculum newsletter, Class Info and Home Learning 2020

The final week of summer term, our final week together before I send you on your way, ready for year 1! I hope I have done you justice with our activities and the fun things I have planned over the past couple of months. I’m only heartbroken we couldn’t complete them all together. 

So week 7, here we are. Lots of reflecting this week on your first year at ‘big school,’ I know you will face all activities head on and give all you’ve got during this last week. 



Mrs Ralph xx

Home learning - week 6 (w.c 6th July 2020)


Hi everyone,


By the end of the weekend you should have received your reports and be in the know of who is going to be your class teacher, next year. I feel cheated that we did not get our whole year together, but I hope your reports show just how proud I am of each and every single one of you, especially during Covid-19 and the changes it has brought.


So below is week 6, photos again of the grid and other resources below to assist with the activities.


Enjoy, let me some more faces on Tapestry please as the end of term draws closer.


Take care,


Mrs Ralph

Home learning week 5 - W.C 29th June 2020


Week 5 already wow! Below you will find images of our home learning grid and resources for this week. Sorry about the quality, the heat has sent me a little forgetful and I cannot find my memory stick. I had to get help from one of the parents who had a printed version so you have photos of the grid. If you have any problems please message me on Tapestry and I will help with anything I can. See below for resources to correspond with the activities on the grid. There are also some other resources below to complete around the grid and don't forget to complete the weekly project.


You will receive your reports this week and find out who will be your new teacher too, very exciting!


See you soon Firetips,


Mrs Ralph

Home learning week 4 w.c 22nd June 2020- 'International week'


Hi everyone,


Welcome to International week where we are focussing on Italy. You will see that there is only one day on our grid this week along with our weekly project, but week 5 will be back to four days of home learning, where we will continue our topic about the seaside. So as you complete our grid on Italy, the other activities you can complete are listed below:


- Find out who Mario Balotelli is and how is he linked to Italy?

- Write up a recipe or some instructions from your Italian meal you make.

- Watch ‘Art with Mati and Dada.’ They will take you on a journey to meet one of Italy’s most famous artists, Leonardo Da Vinci and see one of his most famous paintings, pay close attention, what was the name of the lady who was being painted? Now recreate your own versions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work by painting a portrait of a family member.

- Research monuments/landmarks that are famous in Italy and rebuild them out of lego or other materials.

- Make the Italian flag in a creative way.

- Numbots and top marks maths games

- Phonics play


Whatever you do, stay safe and keep making me proud.


Mrs Ralph

Home learning - week 3 15th June 2020


Fantastic input from some of you on Tapestry last week, which was a joy to see. I still would like a few more to show off their hard work and what you have been up to whilst at home. 


Here is this week's home learning and weekly project. It is really key that we continue to encourage reading and keep building that love of reading whilst at home. As I have previously mentioned Oxford owl have an e-library with around 60 books available for our class age range, all you have to do is subscribe on their website which is free. Also 'Phonics play,' (username:march2020 password:home), have such wonderful games encouraging reading and consolidating phonic knowledge. 'ICT games,' is also a great website for phonics games and reading but also provide free maths games too, which are fun and engaging. Please use these resources alongside Numbots and Nessy to ensure our children are exposed to as much phonic and math material whilst they are away from school. 


As always I am proud of each and everyone off you, (grown ups included) and how you get through each week together. Keep it up and keep safe.


Mrs Ralph

Home learning week 2 - 8th June 2020

Hi guys,


Well done on your hard work last week I hope you are enjoying all things 'Seaside.' This theme continues and as you did incredibly well with 2D shapes, I have planned more exciting maths activities for this week incorportating 3D shapes. You will also find your weekly project on our grid, please make sure you are finding time around our learning grid to do a little bit a day towards this, to have a finished product by the end of the week.


As always I am loving your input on Tapestry especially those that show such enthusiasm and commitment to their learning whilst completing it at home. I know time has certainly gone by but I would love to see the input and activity I did at the begining of lockdown on Tapestry now. Mr Johnston is now going to be checking in to monitor home learning to ensure it is being completed at home. If you are having any issues with Tapestry please let me know via the home learning email and the teacher logged on that day can forward it to myself. Otherwise keep uploading your amazing work, even if it is one upload a week with several photos that would be fantatstic!


Also keep going on Nessy and Numbots I can see how hard you are working on these apps. Topmarks, IctGames and Phonics play are also amazing websites for maths and phonics consolidation in a fun, game way.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Ralph

Welcome back to Summer term 2!


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a fun, sun-filled half term, haven't we been blessed with the weather? I have found a new love for the outdoors and really admiring the nature around us. I watched the sunset at Dunstable downs which was beautiful, I have been on bike rides and so many dogs walks with Lulu and even washed my car. Please share all the exciting things you have been up to on Tapestry so I can see.


On to home learning... Below you will find this weeks home learning grid along with some other printable sheets for you to use. Same as before, share as much of your learning as you like on Tapestry and keep my smile as huge as it has been over the past weeks. This term we move onto the 'Seaside,' which I know you are going to enjoy completing the different tasks set, maybe you will have to turn into a pirate, who knows?


Good luck my Firetips, forever proud of you.


Mrs Ralph

Home learning week commencing 18th May 2020 (Week 5)


The final week of Summer term 1, how time flies! Know that I think of you everyday Firetips and can't wait until we are back doing what we do best (having the upmost fun whilst learning), in our usual environment. Also you need to know how extremely proud of each and every one of you I am, due to the fact you have turned into such resilient learners whilst being at home. So this week's learning, the last week of our Dinosaur topic... Please find below our weekly grid along with some other printable resources for you to complete around the grid and weekly project. I also wanted to remind grown up about Oxford Owl. If you access their website and create a login you can access their e-library completely free. You will find over 60 books available for your child's reading level which I encourage red and yellow banded books. 


Keep going, you have so got this and we will be back together before we know it.


Mrs Ralph 

Home learning - Week commencing 11th May 2020


Hi Firetips,


As our Dinosaur topic continues we have even more exciting activities to complete this week. Your efforts inspire me everyday, your photos continue to keep me positive with a huge smile on my face and your work amazes me. You are all AMAZING and doing so well, (the grown ups included, as we can't thank you enough for continuing to try hard through these tough times and transfer our plans into reality. You too are amazing and doing an incredible job). 


See the grid below, along with another printable phonic board game and as I'm missing singing 'what's in the box...' I have included a 'What's in the box?' PDF. You need to select the correct word for the item in the box using your reading skills, you can do this on a day that you don't have Nessy as a Literacy starter or to fill some spare time. Don't forget to complete the weekly project given at the top of our home learning grid and simply keep doing what you are doing.


Mrs Ralph

Home learning - week commencing 4th May 2020


Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well and even though the rain and clouds have made an appearance, at least we are safe at home. Know that I am thinking of you all and LOVE logging into Tapestry and marking your work. I really am blessed to teach such hard working children like you! So here is this week's home learning which I know you will face head on with the can do attitudes you all have, there is also a phonics game you can print and play with your families. As Friday is a bank holiday you will see their is no work set, however it is a very special day (VE day) marking 75 years since the war ended. Maybe you will get involved with garden parties in your own garden whilst having sandwiches and scones, or maybe you will do some drawings like we did to remember the soldiers. Whatever you get up to, stay safe, stay at home and send me photos on Tapestry. I have some very exciting news for you all, Miss Claridge, Mr C and Miss Carlisle will be joining in with phone calls this week (Wednesday-Friday), I wonder who will call you?


See you soon my little Firetips (who I imagine have grown so much over the weeks),


Mrs Ralph

Home learning week commencing 27th April 2020


Hi Firetips,


I must say how impressed I was with the activity on Tapestry this past week and how much work I could look at, mark and discuss with your grown ups. You are showing such resilience and responsibility whilst learning at home and I am certainly very proud of you all! Below you will find this week's learning grid which is also on Tapestry too. Remember alongside this keep a look out for my fun activities on Tapestry and access phonics play and topmarks for even more phonics and maths fun. Nessy has started now which you can login to, this will be put on our planning from week 3 (next week) and I shall give logins for Numbots this week which again will be out on planning as a requirement to access from week 3. The login for Nessy was given out on parent mail on Friday. If you have any issues please message me on Tapestry or discuss this when I call from Wednesday onward. Grown ups you will see below I have put the 'Early learning goals,' these are statements that we require children to be able to demonstrate independently to achieve age related by the end of Reception. By having some knowledge of these and following some of the activities to try at home you will ensure your child is reaching the best possible outcomes whilst learning at home.


Missing you lots, keep smiling,


Mrs Ralph



Home Learning week commencing 20th April 2020


Hi Firetips,


I hope you had a lovely Easter filled with lots of sunshine and chocolate treats. Welcome back for that start of our Summer term! Albeit a little different than our usual return but we will be back together before we know it. Please find a timetable and 3 daily learning activities on the grid below for Summer term week 1. Please share photos of what you are up to and the work you are producing on Tapestry. Seeing your amazing work and smiley faces really make my day. Remember to use the email address if you have any questions. The new weekly plan will be shared on here and on Tapestry, every Monday before 9am.


I will be posting other fun, exciting home learning activities on Tapestry that you can have a go at around the scheduled work if you wish to :).


Counting down the days until we are back in our amazing learning environment and dancing to Go-Noodle. 


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Ralph

Home learning documents


Below you will find all the documents and information you need to support home learning if any school closures occur. These documents will also be in packs that are going to be sent home. The packs will also include phonics, tricky words and maths games for your children to complete. I have included passwords for free temporary subscriptions that will be of great use to you at home, please make the most of these. I would love to see any exciting things you get up to at home, so if you could upload them onto Tapestry that would be great! I will also be uploading new challenges onto Tapestry, so keep an eye out!


Thank you for your ever growing co-operation,


Mrs Ralph

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