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Curriculum newsletter, Class Info and Home Learning 2020

W/C 13.7.20


Dear Moonbeams,


I cannot believe that this will be the last message that I will be posting on here for this year!  You have all done so amazingly well throughout this strange time and although I haven't seen you all, I have missed you a lot!!


This week we are focusing on transition into Year 2 from September. Please enjoy all the different activities I have included to make your last week in Year 1 as special as possible. 


I really have had  the most fantastic year teaching you all and will miss you all a LOT!  Best of luck in Year 2.


Miss Saunders smiley

W/C: 6.7.20


Dear Moonbeams, 


Below is the leaning for this week. We will be focusing on poetry and learning our numbers as words. It has been wonderful to see so many of you in this week and hearing about all the wonderful work happening at home. Keep up the brilliant learning! 


Miss Saunders smiley

W/C: 29.06.20


Hello Moonbeams,


It has been so wonderful to see some more children back in school this week. I'm even more pleased to hear that we have a few more joining us next week! Below is learning for this week. I have included an extra reading task if you wish to compete it. Please remember to send pictures of completed work into the email so that I can see all the wonderful learning at home. 


Have a FABULOUS week .


Miss Sanders blush

W/C: 22.06.20


Good morning Moonbeams,


That week went fast didn't it!? I am so pleased with all the learning that has been taking place, both in and out of School. I have loved looking at all your maths learning and I was impressed that lots of you had used objects from around your house to help you. I was blown away with your writing, not one of you forgot to use capital letters - AMAZING! But most importantly, I am astounded by your positive attitude and continued effort. I am one very proud teacher! 


See you all soon,


Miss Saunders smiley

W/C: 15.06.20


Hi Moonbeams, 


It is always one of my highlights talking to you on the phone and last week was no exception. It was brilliant to hear all about your adventures and learning! I am so proud of you all, at home and at school, for being so positive and making the most out of this strange situation we are in. Keep up the amazing work and hopefully we can all be together again soon. In the meantime, please find the planning and resources for week 3 below. As of this week, there will only be one day of planning included. This is because we are now providing 4 days a week of in school provision for Year 1. 


Please note that this week we are expecting all parents to engage with the school by sending in their child’s learning to: or sending it in the envelopes provided.  I am really looking forward to seeing all of the fabulous work and thank you so much for those of you who have regularly been sending your child’s work in. 


Miss Saunders 

W/C: 08.06.20


Hi Moonbeams, 


 I hope you have had a brilliant week. Below is home learning for this week and a spelling list that you can use the practise your spellings. I hope to see you very soon.


Miss Saunders 

W/C: 1.06.20

Welcome back Moonbeams ! I hope you have all had a lovely half term, and enjoyed some of the wonderful weather we've been having over the last few days! I myself have done a lot walking, started reading a new book, and been out enjoying the sunshine with my family. 


Below you will find the home learning for Week 1 of the new half term. We are starting a new topic-the seaside! Only three days of learning has been included, please complete these on the  days you are not in school. Remember to keep sending your work in to the email so we can see what you are up to!


I am so looking forward to seeing you all this week, and to hear what you have been getting up to!


Miss Saunders blush

W/C: 18.05.20


Hi Moonbeams! 


This week is 'health and wellbeing week', which means that I want you to take extra good care of yourselves and your families. Each day I have included an activity to help you do this! Please don't forget to send in any pictures to, so that I can see your brilliant achievements. Congratulations to Niamh, Max and Jack for being our stars of the week. 


Speak to you all soon,


Miss Saunders blush

W/C: 11:05:20


Hi Moonbeams, 


Well done to everyone who is completing all their home learning! I have enjoyed looking at the email each day to see how you are all getting on. I have set you a special project this week, have a go and see if you can complete it! Well done to Ilyas, Jay and Eliza for being stars of the week. Could it be you this week? 


Keep up the hard work and I will speak to you all later this week. 


Miss Saunders smiley

W/C: 4.05.20


Hello Moonbeams, 


Well I must say, I am so impressed with all your learning over the last week. It was brilliant to see all your hard work being sent into the home learning email! This week, I have added in some time to use the online apps Nessy and Numbots. If you are having trouble using these apps then please get your adults to email in for help. Did you all watch the celebration assembly on the Facebook page? Well done to Jack, Ilyas and Max! I wonder who it will be this week. Keep up the hard work and stay safe.


Miss Saunders smiley


A note for Parents: 


You will see that I have included Friday on my plan even though it is Bank Holiday. If you would prefer to spend the time as a family not completing school work, then don't worry about completing it. If, however, you would like to complete it, then send it to the home learning email as we would love to celebrate it.

W/C: 27.04.20


Hi Moonbeams class, 


I hope you enjoyed your first week of activities! I can't wait to hear about what you have found out about Mary Anning . Below is a new grid of activities for this week. Please also make sure you are still reading every day. Don't forget to show me your work by sending it into I saw lots of brilliant work last week but would love to see some more this week. 


Miss Saunders smiley

W/C: 20.04.20

Hi Moonbeams class,


I hope you have been doing some brilliant learning over the past few weeks! I have really enjoyed seeing your learning on the schools Facebook page. I have missed you all very much and can't wait to hear about all you have been doing when we get back! In the meantime, here is grid of loads of different activities that you can be getting on with each day and a timetable to help you plan your day. I will upload a new grid every Monday at 9am with new activities. Remember to use the email address if you have any questions. See you all soon and look for my Facebook updates from time-to-time. 


Miss Saunders smiley

Music Home learning - 20th April onwards

Mr Mitchell has updated his website with new Music activities and he will be adding more each week.  Follow the link below to access the materials and ask your carer to check Parentmail for the password. 

Have fun extending your musical knowledge!


Extra Home Learning Resources 

Autumn and Spring Newsletters

Below is a list of recommend reads for year 1


Happy reading!


Long term plan
Weekly timetable

Meet the Teacher slides