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Home Learning

Week commencing 13th July 2020


Hello everyone! I can not believe it is the last week of term and your last week in Year 5. But by now you know that you are stuck with me for ANOTHER YEAR! Luckily, I am joined by Mr Milbourn, who will share the responsibilities of looking after Year 6 in September. I am excited about teaching all of you for one more year and watch you reach your potential in Year 6. As a team, I know we can have a very successful year.


This week, remember to respond to Mr Johnston's email and join our transition lesson, when you will get to know Mr Milbourn and say hello to me as well. This takes place at 9.45 on Monday.


Please look at the work below, as we finish off our work on Macbeth and remind ourselves of a few arithmetic methods in maths. One more week to go! Make sure you are a Home Learning Hero!


Mrs Gibbs




Home Learning

Week Commencing 6th July


It has been lovely to welcome lots of children back to the classroom. It has also been lovely to stay in touch with the children working from home and in The Hub. We have had lots of fun this week exploring Macbeth in depth together. We have also worked on fractions in maths and created some wonderful art work. Those of us in school also made cards for Miss Gregory, who has successfully completed her teacher training and starts her new job in September. Good luck Miss Gregory. Thank you for everything.


Next week, we will continue our study of Macbeth - watch gets very gruesome! Below are the plan and resources you will need. A special mention to Noah, who sends his work in every day and look at his wonderful picture of Macbeth. What a talent! Also, please have a look at the photographs of some of the children in school, playing cards and learning how to create equivalent fractions all at the same time. They had great fun!


Home Learning

Week commencing 29th June 2020


What an exciting week we have ahead of us as we welcome many members of Year 5 back to school. We have tried our best to match what we are learning at home, to what we will be learning at school. 


Please find below the planning for the week and any sheets you might need. On Wednesday, please complete extended learning time on Times Tables Rockstars, Nessy, handwriting (through the Letter Joins scheme) and reading. 


Good luck everyone!


Mrs Gibbs





Home Learning

Week Beginning 22nd June 2020



Hello Admirals - this is a very special week, it's international week. Every class has been given a different country to focus on for our home learning this week. Year 5 has been given the U.S.A. Mrs Gibbs and I were excited to be given this country as it has been on the news an awful lot due to some important events happening right now. Please read through all the learning carefully and ask for help from your adults at home if you need - this is a really important week to learn lots of new things about another part of the world. 


As always keep sending your work to We love seeing it! Last week the following children sent some WOW work in:

  • Noah for completing the Roman Numeral challenge to find the biggest number possible.
  • Oscar, Akeem, and Subhan for their excellent reasoning as to why Macbeth is a villain. 
  • Ryan and Arlen for solving all the Roman Numeral challenges and discovering the answer to the code! 
  • Shane for getting to Level 32 of Rapid Router - a lot further than I would have got!
  • Yousaf and George for writing some amazing ideas about what makes someone a hero.
  • Ellia and Daisy for completing some gorgeous posters for to thank our post service!
  • Kyle for sending in so much home learning from the past few weeks - it was lovely to see it! 
  • Taylor, Max, and Ibrahim for continuing to work hard in the Hub with Mrs Hasib and Miss Giddens. 


Special shoutout to Noah who last week went the extra mile with his home learning by completing this amazing drawing of his own theme park - well done Noah, keep it up! 



Home Learning

Week Beginning 15th June 


Hello Admirals! I hope you have all had an excellent week - I loved speaking to some of you on Friday and Mrs Gibbs thoroughly enjoying chatting to the rest of you over the phone. We LOVE hearing what you have been up to, so please make sure you answer the phone! This week Mrs Harvey will be contacting you and she is really looking forward to hearing what you've been up to! 


Please keep sending your amazing work to and if you are receiving packs at home you now have a stamped addressed envelope so you can post your work to school! 


Last week these children did some FAB-U-LOUS work:

  • Daniyal who reading out his beautiful descriptive writing from Macbeth to me over the phone.
  • Noah who wrote some incredible words to describe the heath and spelt them all perfectly!
  • Daisy and Ryan for sending some gorgeous pictures for the photography challenge - including a super cute dog and some artistic shots of cutlery!
  • George for a stunning architectural drawing of a Victorian house!
  • Oscar, Eleanor, Arlen, and Shane for really nailing the Roman Numerals work - I am excited to see you conquer next week's challenge! 
  • Ellia and Subhan who wrote some gorgeous paragraphs for English. 
  • Fiona because she made some ice cream, from scratch!, although it wasn't cucumber!
  • Akeem for a really creative Victorian drawing!  
  • Ibrahim has been working really hard on Nessy consistently!
  • Max and Taylor for working really hard in the hub with Mrs Harvey and Mrs Ison!


Here's this week's work! I am looking forward to seeing your attempts at the extra challenge this week! Good luck! 


Miss Gregory

Home Learning

Week Beginning 8th June


Hello Admirals, here we are with another week! I hope you managed to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather while we still had it and are not feeling too down that it's a bit cloudy now - I'm sure the nice weather will come back to us soon! 


I loved speaking to some of you on the phone last Friday and if I didn't speak to you, Mrs Gibbs loved hearing from you! We are both missing you all loads, and love hearing what you are getting up to at home. 


I have a few special shout outs to people that sent amazing work to the home learning email - keep sending it in and maybe next week you'll get a shout out too! 


  • Ryan for amazing PHSCE work about Celebrating Me, including a lovely drawing!
  • Shane for sending all the answers to the Maths work - and having them all correct!
  • George and Oscar for persevering with their Grammar work even if they found it a bit tricky! 
  • Fiona for a gorgeous story mountain for Macbeth, coloured coded and everything! 
  • Noah and Ellia for sending some adorable Science work with some baby photos! 
  • Max for continuing to work hard in the Hub with Miss Giddens. 
  • Arlen for not only completing all his home learning, but also making homemade Elderflower Cordial! 
  • Subhan for writing some lovely sentences about Florence Nightingale. 
  • Yousaf for explaining the Resolution of Macbeth really clearly to me over the phone - even though the connection wasn't great! 


Well done to everyone for working so hard - we love seeing all your work, so don't forget to send it in to


Below you'll find this weeks home learning grid and a couple of handouts you'll need for English and PHSCE. Good luck I look forward to speaking to you soon! 


Miss Gregory

Home Learning

Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Welcome back Admirals! I hope you have all had a lovely half term, and enjoyed some of the wonderful weather we've been having over the last few days! I myself have done a lot of running, finished reading the fifth Harry Potter book, and been out enjoying the sunshine with my family. 


Below you will find the home learning for Week 1 of the new half term - we are going to be starting a new English and Maths topic this half term. Don't worry if you find the Maths a little challenging, just keep at it and do your best! I appreciate starting a new topic is difficult remotely! Remember to keep sending your work in to the email so we can see what you are up to!


Mrs Gibbs and I will be contacting you this week to check in with you and your adults at home - we both really look forward to speaking to you as we miss seeing you every day! 


This week have a go at Joe Wicks P.E. on Friday using this link, maybe Mrs Gibbs and I will do it as well!


Below you will find: 

  • Week 1 Remote Learning Grid
  • Monday - a Science handout about childhood milestones. 
  • Tuesday - The Story of MacBeth for your English work
  • Wednesday - Information about Florence Nightingale for your Topic
  • Thursday - A worksheet about Celebrating Me for PHSCE
  • Friday - Healthy Living handout to go with the Joe Wicks P.E. 
  • Extra Challenge: this week's is a Scavenger Hunt around St Albans for you and your adults. 


Miss Gregory :)


A little note from Mrs Gibbs...


Hello everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this week. I am looking forward to receiving all your learning. Please remember to send it into the email as if I haven't seen something from everyone by the end of the week, I will be contacting you individually! Please make sure you send your learning in as I know you are ALL great learners!


Thank you.

Home Learning


Week commencing 18th May


Hi Admirals


Here we are at the last week of this half term – you have all been working so hard and have adjusted so amazingly to the home learning! Please keep sending your fabulous work to as we love seeing it!


I loved speaking to you all on the phone last week, it was wonderful to hear your voices again after so long and hear what you have all been up to! I was especially pleased that you are enjoying learning about the Victorians – it’s one of my favourite periods of History!


This week is Health and Well-Being Week so there are more PHSCE lessons in your pack to complete this week. We want you to focus on things that make you and your people at home happy, and how we can spread this happiness around. Remember what Mrs Gibbs said last week – when the sun isn’t shining, you can be the sun!


Below you will find:

• Weekly plan of all the activities to do every day.

• A writing frame you will need for Monday and Tuesday’s English.

• Some information about how human offspring grow inside the womb you will need for Science on Tuesday.

• A sheet called ‘Detentions’ you will need for English on Wednesday.

• A word bank to help you with your writing on Thursday in English.

• Two sheets to record your thoughts for Health and Well-Being Week for Wednesday and Thursday.

• A couple of videos that will explain how we use remainders in bus stop division.


Miss Gregory 

A little note from Mrs Gibbs...


Please take extra care of yourselves and one another this week as it is Health and Well-Being Week! Perhaps you can email me at the home learning email to let me know what kind things you have done for another person this week. Also remember to be kind to yourselves. Do something that makes you smile every day!


Miss you all. See you all soon!





Year 5 Maths: Expressing Remainders as Fractions

Here is a simple explanation of how to express our remainders from bus stop division as a fractions.

Year 5 Maths: Expressing Remainders as Decimals

Here is a simple explanation of how to express our remainders from bus stop division as a decimals.

Home Learning


Week Commencing 11/5/20


“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine."



Hi Admirals Class



What a lovely few days of sunshine we have had! We have been so lucky. It got me thinking that even when it is not sunny, we can be the sunshine! See if you can be a ray of sunshine in your home every day this week!


I am so impressed with how many of you have been working hard at home and have been sending your learning into the email


Well done! Special mentions to some individuals who have sent in some examples of outstanding work, which have made my day...


Eleanor’s amazing maths; Oscar’s brilliant science; Shane’s accurate maths; Ryan’s wonderful report writing; George’s excellent diary; Noah’s presentation which is always original and fantastic; Ibrahim’s commitment to Nessy; Arlen on some super science work; Daisy’s wonderfully decorated tree thanking the key workers; Akeem’s amazing maths; Ellis’a sensational work on The Victorians; Subhan’s lovely letter to Captain Tom…


 I am sure that many of you are completing home learning and Mrs Harvey loved speaking to most of you during the week when she contacted you by telephone. Please remember to send in your home learning this week.


Below you will find…

• A weekly plan which tells you what to do every day.

• A discussion text called ‘Should children be allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast’ which you need to read for English on Monday.

• A ‘Frog Life Cycle’ activity sheet for Tuesday’s Science just in case you can’t find the other information you need on the internet.

• A sheet called ‘Match Victorian to new’ which you will need on Wednesday for your Topic activity.

• A sheet called ‘Symmetry- Reflection’ which you will need for Art on Friday.


Mrs Gibbs


Daisy and her amazing tree!

Home Learning


Week Commencing 4/04/20


Hi Admirals Class!


Miss Gregory here – I am ‘back’ and super excited to be seeing all the amazing work you have been doing recently! I have been speaking to Mrs Gibbs and she has told me that you all had a fabulous half term and are doing some brilliant work at home.


We all love seeing your amazing work on Facebook and through the home learning email – I will be checking it as well, so if you want to send anything through to us please do! It makes our day! Don’t forget that celebration assembly is still happening every Friday, so work hard at your times tables and Nessy and you might receive a certificate!


Below I have attached this week’s learning for you to complete at home plus all the handouts you will need. There is an extra weekly challenge at the bottom of the grid this week – you might need to ask for an adult to help you search the internet to complete this! Remember to check Facebook for any extra challenges as well – I will be posting something at the weekend, so keep an eye out for that!


Also this Friday is a Bank Holiday. We have set work for you to do, but if you would prefer to spend time relaxing with your family, that is fine too!


I’ve missed you all so much but remember to stay safe at home and you’ll see me again soon I’m sure!


Miss Gregory


A little note from Mrs Gibbs...


I have been delighted to receive stunning work from Ellia, Arlen, Shane, Oscar, George, Ryan, Subhan, Daisy, Ibrahim, Akeem, Fiona and Noah. It makes my day every time it arrives so please keep it up. I know through my phone calls to you, that many of you are working hard to complete the work. Please send it in to us. We are desperate to see it and then you can get a mention on our class page!



Home Learning


Week Commencing 27/4/20


Hi Admirals Class 


I am so impressed with how many of you have been working hard at home and have been sending your learning into the email -

Well done! Special mentions to some individuals who have sent in some examples of outstanding work, which have made my day...


Fiona, who has created some wonderfully presented work and has made amazing progress with her times tables; Ryan and George, who consistently share their work with me every day and it is always of a high standard and lovely to receive - absolute superstars!; Daisy, who got full marks in Friday's Arithmetic Test; Oscar, who baked a cake with his little brother Max; Arlen, who has been setting challenges for his friends outside school, such as learning sign language; Ibrahim, who has created a wonderful and accurate model of the The Titanic; Noah, who has impressed me with wonderful writing and his continued commitment to readingSubhan, who has been an all-round superstar with beautifully presented work and accurate maths, Akeem, who has worked hard to get everything correct in Friday's arithmetic test - so impressive! A recent addition is Ellia - a model of The Titanic, wonderful instructions on completing long multiplication sums and much, much more!


I am sure that many of you are completing home learning and it was lovely to speak to most of you during the week when I contacted you by telephone. Please send me your home learning this week. It means that we get to stay in contact and I can tell you how brilliant your work is, as well as help you if you need it! Also, on Friday, Mr Johnston is carrying out a Celebration Assembly. Please work hard and then you might get a certificate for your wonderful work or the amount of coins you have got in TTRockstars or the amount of time you have spent using Nessy. Come on Admirals Class - you can do it!


Below you will find the weekly planning and any worksheets you need to accompany it. Remember to do your best to follow it each day. Also, if your parents/carers have Facebook, please look at it as there are daily challenges that you might enjoy. I really miss each and everyone of you, but I think about you all the time and look forward to the time we can be together again.


Stay safe everyone and see you really soon.


Mrs Gibbs

Home Learning


Week Commencing 20/4/20


Hi Admirals Class


Please find a timetable and 3 daily learning activities on the weekly plan. Remember to use the email address if you have any questions. The new weekly plan will be shared with you every Monday before 9am


I have also included an arithmetic test, which I would like you to have a go at completing on Friday as part of the Maths Lesson. Please ask your parent/carer to mark it when you have completed it. The answers are included on the back page.


Good luck Admirals Class and I look forward to seeing you very soon. In other exciting news Miss Gregory is back this term so myself, Mrs Walters and Miss Gregory will be setting your work.


See you soon


Mrs Gibbs




Music Home learning - 20th April onwards

Mr Mitchell has updated his website with new Music activities and will be adding more each week.  Follow the link below to access the materials and ask your carer to check Parentmail for the password. 

Have fun extending your musical knowledge!


School Closure Work - March 2020

Hi Admirals Class. I have included a menu of loads of different activities that you can be getting on with over this period of time. I will miss you all very much but remember I will see you all very soon. Let's treat each other with kindness, even if we feel sad ourselves. See you all soon and look for my Facebook updates from time-to-time.

Home Learning Menu March 2020

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