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Emperors (Year 1 and 2)

Welcome to Year 1/2


Our class is called Emperors.  We are taught by Mrs Barnes (Mon-Weds) and Mrs Arnott (Thurs-Fri).  We are supported by Miss Cattermole and Mrs Carlisle.  We also have support by Miss Braceland and Miss Palmer in the afternoons (Mon-Thurs).


Things to remember:


Library will take place in class on a Tuesday.  Please bring back your book each Monday, so you can choose a new one.


Outdoor P.E will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Rising Stars.  Please come into school wearing your PE kit on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  No need to bring a change of clothes. 


Home reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday.  They will be quarantined in between other children taking them home.


Spelling homework will be sent out fortnightly. 

Key dates:


Tuesday 18th May 2021- Class photographs

Thursday 20th May 2021 - Emperors' gardening session in our school garden. Please provide wellies.

Friday 28th May 2021- Break up for half term.

Monday 7th June 2021- INSET DAY

Tuesday 8th June 2021- Children return to school for Summer 2 term

Emperors Class Music Performance!

Still image for this video
Emperors Class did amazing in their music performance!


Summer Term - Weeks 5 and 6


Last week, we had such fun for Sports Day! We enjoyed taking part in all the different activities organised by staff. Well done to all the children in Emperors Class! 


This week, some of us have spent time helping in the school's garden. Some of the vegetables included: spinach, lettuce, radishes and potatoes! We all enjoyed exploring these together as a class.


As ever, we have been working hard in all our lessons. In Maths, we have been racing cars, and comparing them by using comparative language: "The red car was slower than the blue car." In Literacy, we have been using imaginative language to create our own acrostic poems about SNAILS!


We will start sending books home next week, it would be useful if pupils brought in an empty carrier bag or rucksack on Monday so we can gradually send them home.


Thursday is our last day! We will finish at 1:30pm.


We hope you have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs Barnes and Mrs Arnott

Summer Term 2 - Weeks 3 and 4


Hello Everyone!


We hope you are all keeping safe and well.


Over the past couple of weeks we have been very busy in our learning!


In Literacy, we enjoyed completing our own sea creatures based on 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner. Please look at the photo of our 'Escape to the Seaside' class display. All the children did amazingly well!


We introduced the well-known story, 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson this week. Children have spent time exploring the different scenes in the story. We look forward to delving deeper over the coming lessons.


We have been learning about fractions and turning in Maths. We have played games which have allowed us to develop our language and understanding of what can be quite challenging concepts. Emperors did well in following instructions such as, turn left, turn right or turn a quarter-turn clockwise. Keep practising at home and remember the strategy for remembering which direction is left or right.  

We have also explored our learning leading up to 'International Day' this Friday. The children have coloured in the French flag, practised saying "Bonjour" and discovered that 'Escargots', a French dish, consists of edible snails!  


Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up!


Mrs Barnes and Mrs Arnott

Escape to the Seaside, Fractions and Turning, Music and First Aid Role Play

Summer Term 2 - Weeks 1 and 2


Welcome back! We have a had a very busy couple weeks already!


In Maths today, we had fun making a fruit salad! We applied our understanding of 'twice as many' in following the recipe. We enjoyed eating the fruit too of course! In other lessons we explored division and sharing into equal groups. We have used a variety of ways to show our understanding.


In Literacy, we have enjoyed exploring our new class book, 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner, which links in beautifully with our new topic 'Escape to the Seaside'. Children had fun exploring objects in the sand, trying to guess who the objects may have belonged to before they were washed ashore!


A few reminders:


Please remember tomorrow (Thursday 7th June) is 'Clean Air Day'. You are encouraged to walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride to school. We have been doing really well with Travel Tracker as a class and it would be great if children can apply that enthusiasm tomorrow!


Secondly, it would be lovely if Emperors could bring into school an object, which they believe defines them and helped them during the lockdowns, to hang from the school's special tree. Perhaps a favourite mug or spoon! Thank you for the couple objects received so far, it would be great to get a few more in this week. 


Summer is truly here, and the weather has been especially hot recently, please remember to bring in a hat, sun cream and two bottles of water. Summer uniform should be worn. 

Thank you for your co-operation.


Mrs Barnes and Mrs Arnott

Escape to the Seaside and Fruit Salads!

Summer Term Weeks 5 and 6


We are almost at half term break with only one more week to go! The children have done really well at getting involved in all aspects of their learning, both independently and collaboratively! Keep it up Emperors Class!


Maths has included a variety of learning! Last week, we spent time looking at doubling and halving numbers up to 100. The rain held off, just long enough, enabling us to enjoy our outside learning area! We explored halving numbers by using the hula-hoops as the part-whole models! Some of us shared out teddies equally between two groups. Others used base ten to find half of different quantities. Some of us went even further and looked at regrouping one ten for ten ones when we had the number 30 and needed to share it equally in the part-whole model. Odd numbers got us discussing remainders! This week we have focused on counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s, spotting patterns and using different strategies. Keep practising those times tables on TTR!


In our Literacy lessons, we have been planning our own story about dinosaurs! The children have had such fun writing their beginning, middle and ending in their stories. This week we edited and published our stories. We enjoyed sharing our stories with each other in class! Please continue reading at home everyday and recording this in your child's reading record.


Club has started off really well this half-term and we would like to say a big thank you for your participation!  Enrichment has included a variety of fun: such as building a structure from marshmallows (we did well not to eat them!); creating habitats for wildlife; to team-building- activities using directional language!


We hope you enjoy the remainder of this half term.


Thank you

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Arnott 

Summer Term - Weeks 3 & 4


Emperors have had another busy couple of weeks!  As part of our work in Literacy, writing letters to the Rabbit family in 'Here Comes Mr Postmouse,' we were very lucky to have a visit from a real rabbit!  Luna the rabbit came to visit our class and we all got to have a stroke and ask Mrs Gibbs some questions.


In Literacy we have been writing dinosaur poems that rhyme and we have made a fantastic display in the classroom.  The children worked really hard to write up their work neatly and they should all be very proud.  In Maths we have been using our knowledge of regrouping and the cherry model to help use solve word problems.  We have focused on finding the start, the change and the result.  Ask your child to see if they can explain this process.


In Science we have been recapping our knowledge learnt over lockdown about Animals, grouping them by animal type and thinking about the features of each animal type.  On Thursday we got outside in the sunshine and wrote some fantastic messages about what we are thankful for on the Gratitude tables. 


On Friday, we loved celebrating the NSPCC Number Day!  The children were very resourceful and creative in their ideas to come to school wearing a number.  We learnt about what the NSPCC does and read Captain Sir Tom Moore's book about his fascinating and exciting life.  We drew our own pictures of Tom and we will make them into a special framed picture in the classroom.  In Maths, we built towers of 100 lego pieces and solved problems using the number 100.  In the afternoon we completed our 'Active 100 challenge' as suggested by the children, which involved doing a range of exercises for 100 seconds each!  The children did really well but we all needed a bit of a rest afterwards.  We ended the day with a 'Hide and seek to 100' finding numbers hidden around the school grounds.


Well done Emperors on another great couple of weeks smiley

Mrs Arnott and Mrs Barnes

Summer Term: Weeks 1 and 2


We have had a busy start to Summer Term and excited to share some of our learning with you!


In Maths, we have been learning to use strategies to solve addition and subtraction calculations with 1 and 2-digit numbers. We have focused on using the part-whole model to demonstrate our place value understanding of number work. We have used concrete resources such as the tens frames and counters to support our learning. We have been trying hard to use key vocabulary in our discussions, such as: tens, ones, regroup, altogether, add and subtract.


We have particularly enjoyed getting to know the characters in Here Comes Mr Postmouse for Literacy! The children have acted in role-play as Mr Postmouse and Dragon. This gave them an opportunity to come up with their own questions and answers which they thought the characters may say to each other in the story. The children added their speech bubble writing to our Literacy Working Wall. They also went on to create an invitation to one of the characters in the story for Pipsqueak's party! 


Emperors Class have also been busy in other areas of their learning. I wonder if the children can tell you at home - Who is Mary Anning? We had great fun learning about fossils in today's History lesson. 


In Music today, the children enjoyed exploring different instruments in creating rhythm and melodies!


Look forward to sharing more learning in the weeks' ahead!


Thank you,

Emperors Class smiley

Summer Term - Weeks 1 and 2

Welcome to the Summer term 2021!


We cannot wait to get back into the classroom after what we hope was a relaxing break for you all.  Our new topic this half-term is called 'Emperors go wild!'  In Science, we will be learning about Living things and their habitats and in History we will be learning about the life of Mary Anning and her important discoveries.  


In Literacy, we will start the term by reading a fantastic and beautifully illustrated book called 'Here comes Mr Postmouse' by Marianne Dubuc and writing our own postcards and invitations.  In Maths, we will continue our learning about Number and recap what we have learnt about Regrouping.


We will be regularly updating this page to show you what we get up to, so keep checking back for updates and photos smiley

Mrs Arnott and Mrs Barnes 


Spring Term 2021


We are so excited to welcome everyone back into the classroom finally!  Everyone has done so well with their remote learning at home.  We are proud of each and every one of you smiley!


Christmas jumpers and Music performances

It's nearly Christmas!



It's the last week of term and the Emperors have been enjoying the festivities. Thank you for all your donations on Christmas Jumper Day, all the proceeds have gone to Save the Children. We also enjoyed our delicious Christmas lunch.


Happy Holidays from all the staff in Emperors.

Autumn Term - Weeks 1 and 2


What a busy time we have had in Emperors. The children have been happy to be back and have been keen to explore the new classroom and outdoor area. Well done to all for learning many new routines and for washing hands and using sanitisier regularly with no complaints.


In English we have introduced our focus book, Journey by Aaron Becker. The class have been describing the scenes and exploring the feelings expressed. They have been writing independently and working on their handwriting.


In maths we have been playing lots of games to reactivate learning and have been working in pairs to promote turn taking.

W/B 30/9/20


We have started a new book in our English lessons - Stanley's Stick by John Hegley. The children are really enjoying it and have already produced some written work based on their own sticks. We are encouraging the children to have a go at words independently using their phonic knowledge. Along side this we are working on common exception words (tricky words).


In maths we have focussed on 'position'. The children have been moving around and learning important mathematical vocabulary - left, right, on top, underneath, clockwise, anti clockwise.

The have also looked at the points of the compass and learnt 'Never eat shredded wheat' to help them remember north, east, south, west. If you have a compass (perhaps on your smart phone), take a look with your child and talk about what direction you are going in when you go out walking.



In art lessons we have been focussing on texture and pattern. The children experimented with a range of different drawing pencils and they used clay tools to create different patterns and textures. 

W/B 12/10/20

This week the Emperors took part in a road safety session. They all brought in their scooters and spent time developing good control and effective use of the break. It was also stressed that the children should wear bright clothing when out and about, to make themselves visible to other road users.


In English lessons we have started looking at a new book - 'Gruffalo Crumble'. It is full of different recipes with a connection to 'The Gruffalo'. The children will be learning about different styles of writing - instructions and lists.

We started off this week with writing detailed instructions about how to wash our hands. The children had to concentrate on writing simply and clearly.

In maths the children have been working on consecutive numbers. They made two digit numbers with a variety of resources and then put them in order.


Can you put these numbers in order?

  11   26   6    80    14    0

W/B 2/11/20


Welcome back to the second half term.


In English we finished our work on Gruffalo Crumble by making 'Terrible Tusks', writing recipes and making up delicious dishes for the Gruffalo himself. The children are working hard on their presentation. They are concentrating on keeping their letters on the line, making some letters stand tall and other hanging under the line.

We even brought the forest into the classroom!

Your children would love to read The Gruffalo at home - enjoy.

Children in need and Well-being week - We raised £28.35 as a class! Well done Emperors :)

W/B 16/11/20
The Emperors have been working hard at practical maths activities, as well as working neatly in their books. This week we have been regrouping numbers in different ways and using different methods eg. tens frames and the cherry model.

In English we have been reading the story Mr Big, by Ed Vere.

The children are working hard on their writing skills, using this book as a stimulus. They have been using descriptive language and thinking about how the characters in the story are feeling.

W/B  30/11/20


The Emperors have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Light.

We have learnt how the Hindu people put out candles and make colourful patterns to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their home and bring good luck.

The children made some Rangoli patterns of their own using coloured pencils and wooden shapes.

The Emperors are learning that team work is important. We have had lots of opportunities to work together over the half term.

Some examples are problem solving in Maths and talk partners in English.


Let's take a tour of the classroom

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