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Emperors (Year 2)

Welcome to Year 2


Our class is called Emperors and we are taught by Miss Islam.

Emperors are supported by Miss Ward.


Things to remember:

  • A reading book and record (signed) every day
  • A water bottle every day
  • A lunch box if needed
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Library book on Thursdays 
  • PE kit on Fridays




07.03.20 -Welcome back to Spring Term 2! We have had a very busy first few weeks back at school and so much great learning has already taken place. In Science, we have started to learn about plants. We have explored a range of seeds and bulbs, observing them closely using magnifying glasses. This week, we created our own plastic bag "greenhouse" and planted bean seeds to show that plant germination can occur without soil. We can't wait to see the results in a few weeks time!

7.3.20- In Literacy, we have started to read The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. It is an adventure story about an inquisitive hedgehog called Max. This brave, four legged animal sets out on a mission to find out about road safety. The class are completely hooked and have created wonderful character descriptions, story boards and taken part in some hot seating to get into the mind frame of the curious hedgehog. This week, we ventured down to the local shops to find out more about road safety. We used the zebra crossing to cross the road and then bought some ingredients from the shop to make our own hedgehog biscuits! We all had so much fun!

7.2.20- Number Day

We celebrated Number Day by creating our own invisibility potions! We had to measure different amounts of yucky liquid very carefully using a range of scales. Our measuring jugs and cylinders had missing numbers so we had to read between the scales to make sure our measuring was accurate. It was a tough (and messy) task but we loved it! 

W.C 3.2.2020 

We have had a wonderful week of learning! In our history lessons, we explored reasons for why the Great Fire of London in 1666 spread so easily and how it stayed alight for so long. We found out that there were no fire engines and that they only had leather buckets to help to put the fire out! Did you know that hooks were used too to pull the burning houses down? We also enjoyed playing in the Pudding Lane bakery area which is where the fire initially started! 

In maths, we have been learning all about measure. We have looked at length, weight and capacity. Year2 have really enjoyed using the balancing scales and weighing scales to predict and explore how much objects weigh. We used rulers and measuring tapes to measure different parts of our bodies too. For our lessons on capacity, we have been focusing on our estimating skills. We were given a range of different shaped containers and we estimated how many cups of water would fill each one. We were surprised that the tallest one did not hold the most water. 

W.C. 20.1.20

This week in Literacy, the children in Year 2 have produced the most wonderful poems based on ‘Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket’. They have included lots of amazing adjectives, verbs, adverbs and alliteration. Have a read of their poems below! Can you spot any fantastic vocabulary? 

Money, Money, Money!

In Maths, we have been exploring money. We set up our own class shop and familiarised ourselves with the value of each coin. We have enjoyed finding different ways to make an amount. To help your child at home, try playing the Toy Shop Money Game:

Handwriting Stars!

Year 2 have been working extremely hard in our handwriting lessons. All of the children have impressed me with their amazing attitudes and determination to improve their writing. Well done! 

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Welcome back to Spring Term!

Here are a few of our current displays in the classroom. It's going to be a busy Spring term filled with lots of exciting learning! Please read the Year 2 curriculum letter to find out more information.

Happy Holidays!

Africa Day!

To consolidate the children’s learning, we planned an exciting Africa Day on Monday 2nd December. Kwame from the company “African Activities” spent the day with Year 2 and the children had the opportunity to immerse themselves into African life through African dance, music, art and story telling. We had a wonderful day learning about a beautiful continent. Thank you to the parents and carers for helping the children to dress up and make the day come alive even more!

Our maths learning... regrouping, mental addition/ subtraction and doubling fun!

In Science, our topic is Animals Including Humans. We have learnt all about how animals have offspring which grow into adults and we looked in detail about how birds change and grow. We have also found out that we need air, food and water for survival and created informative posters to show our learning. We enjoyed classifying foods into healthy and unhealthy categories using Venn diagrams. We now know all about balanced diets and designed our own healthy meals. In addition, we have been exploring the importance of exercise. We took part in a carousel of fun physical activities to learn about what happens to our bodies and the health benefits of staying active. The children have been asking lots of great questions in their science lessons and show great enthusiasm in every task. Well done!

As part of our computing lessons, the children have been learning about how to stay safe online. With the help of Smartie the Penguin, we found out which information we shouldn't give out to anyone online and what to do if something pops up on our screens. We loved learning Daddy Penguin's song to remind us about Internet safety and we created our own Smartie which will form our E-safety display in the classroom. Click the link to find out more about online safety:
We have been extremely busy in Year 2 over the past week. In Maths, we have been thinking about what the word equals means. We have found lots of different ways to regroup the same number and enjoyed using numicon, counting teddies, multilink and counters to help us. We carried out an odd and even investigation where we explored if statements such as odd + odd = even/ even + even = even. We had to prove whether these statements were true or false and show lots of our own examples. Finally, we have just started to look at the place value of different numbers. We began by playing a game called "Make 100". Every time one of the tens frames became full, we regrouped ten ones for one ten rod. Our aim was to reach 100 using ten rods! The children worked incredibly hard and proved that ten ones are the same as one ten. Take a look at the great learning below. :)

The children have had a brilliant first full week in Year 2! The class have come back to school with lots of enthusiasm for learning and they have wowed me with their super listening skills and fantastic manners!


In our English lessons, we have been reading a traditional tale called Rapunzel to kick off our unit 'Once Upon a Time'. The children have written down their opinions of good and bad characters from the story including Rapunzel's father and the wicked witch. Every lesson, we act out what has happened in the story using lots of actions and repeated phrases. This has helped us with remembering each stage of the story and also with our writing as we get a chance to rehearse our ideas before we write them down.


Please take a look at the photos below which show our drama lessons and the writing we have produced so far!