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Firetips (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to EYFS


Our class is called Firetips and we are taught by Mrs Ralph with support from Miss Palmer in class.

Firetips are supported by Miss Cherrie with SEN support from Mrs Djafari and Miss Rossiter.


Things to remember:


LIBRARY - Your child's library session will be on a Friday morning. Your child will be able to bring a new book home every week, if their previous book has been returned. Please read and share this book with your child to continue to develop the love of reading at home. Books must then be returned on a FRIDAY MORNING for your child to re-take a new one.


P.E- Your childs' physical development session will be on a THURSDAY. Please ensure your child comes already dressed in the appropriate clothing and footwear, for these sessions. Your child will then stay in their P.E kit for the remainder of the day, so please think carefully about the weather. Clothing includes; black shorts, white T-shirt for spring and summer and red trousers and a red jumper for the colder months and for any outdoor sessions. 

key dates:

Friday 23rd April 2021- Mrs Ralph's last day in school before teaching from home.

Friday 7th May 2021- NSPCC 'Number day.' Dress in digits ad donate £1.

Tuesday 18th May 2021- Class photographs

Thursday 29th May 2021 - EYFS gardening session in our school garden. Please send your child in dressed in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Please also provide wellies for this session if they are not already in school.

Friday 28th May 2021- Break up for half term.

Monday 7th June 2021- INSET DAY

Tuesday 8th June 2021- Children return to school for Summer 2 term





Tapestry guide for Parents/Carers

Monday 26th April 2021


Firetips have come back 'roaring' to go, just like our new topic 'DINOSAURS.' The children have come back with a wonderful attitude towards their learning, eager to explore and demonstrating their newly taught skills in their independent time. Duing phonic time in Reception, we are diving further into our phase 3 sounds; reading, recognising and applying the sounds in in our writing. Please do continue to practice identifying these sounds with your child, you can find these in the front of your child's reading record or you can encourage useful 'tablet time' by accessing Nessy or Phonics play. In Nursery, we are now starting to become confident in phase 1 before exploring some sounds in Summer term 2, ready for the transition into the Reception year. 


In maths we are enjoying being practical explorers, as we continue to work through the Herts for learning essential maths scheme. The past couple of weeks have seen us gaining a thorough understanding of the order of number and exploring 'one more and one less.' You can continue to develop this at home by asking your child to identify door numbers and then ask what is one more or less, than that given number. You could also count objects around the house (toys/cutlery) and ask what is one more or less than the given amount. The more confident your child is with mental recall of this, the more it will aid in mental subtraction and addition. is a great website for maths games and securing your child's learning at home. In nursery we have been focussing on identify the odd one out and exploring quantities.  


In P.E we have now moved onto cricket, which is new to lots of the children and although a challenge they face it head on every week, showing just what they can achieve when they put their minds to it.


In literacy we have focussed on fiction and non-fiction so far. We used 'Tyrannosaurus drip' as a focus story, to explore feelings, speech and thoughts of a charcater. Last week we headed to forest school and found a nest with Dinosaur eggs in. We also discovered a letter with the eggs. This was from Mummysaurus, setting us the challnege of taking care of the eggs. The children were eager to accept the challenge and did some wonderful instruction writing on how they thought you should take care of a dinosaur egg. The children then got to take an egg home each, to explore change by growing their own dinosaur.


The children have loved accessing all things 'dinosaur' in the room, especially our excavation site with dinosaur eggs and bones. The children have discovered bones with tricky words on, used the binoculars to seek out dinosaurs and used the base camp to cook food for each other.


We are enjoying seeing Personal, social and emotional grow across early years, as we are becoming more considerate of others. This is allowing our play to be more positive and productive enhaving communcation and language as we go.


Check back in, in two weeks to see how we got on writing our own versions of the story, 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs.' 

Friday 11th December 2020


One week to go! Another term full of fun and memories to last a lifetime, has flown by.


Over the past couple of weeks, we have been busy becoming the next Tom Cruise and Judi Dench, as we prepare for the show of the year... 'The Nativity.' Please return your slip including your email address as soon as possible so that we get a teams invite for the Nativity, sent to you.


In Literacy we created a non- fiction book about Polar Bears and Penguins which enabled the children to really think about the facts they had learnt about each animal. We wrote predictions about our 'The little polar bear' story we started to read and then finished to check if the children's predictions were correct. The children also changed a section o this story by adding in their own character. The week after brought lots of excitement about Christmas as we explored the story 'The Jolly Christmas postman,' an absolute favourite of mine. During this week we wrote our letter to Santa which we then posted at our local post box, we are eagerly awaiting our replies to see if we are on the nice list. We also drew and wrote about a meal that we would give the Jolly postman as the characters that he visits, give him a drink and a snack. This week we completed some describing work on snowmen and sequenced the animation 'The Snowman.' The children really enjoyed watching this but were a little sad when the snowman melted at the end. The animation created lots of language between the children about what they had watched which was brilliant.


We completed an understanding of the world session based on animal habitats. We spoke about what a habitat was and what the children thought their habitat was. The children then sorted the animals into the correct habitat given reasons for their choices.


In Maths we have explored more and less in a variety of practical ways before exploring one more and one less of a given number. You can do this at home by calling a number or if you pass a number out and about get your child to think about what number comes before and what number comes after that number. We then moved onto time. We sequenced our daily events, ordered the days of the week, created season images to explore changes throughout the seasons before exploring o'clock.


Next week we have an exciting, activity filled week. Kick starting with our Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day on Monday, Pantomime on Tuesday, dress rehearsal on the stage on Wednesday and our famous Nativity on Thursday along with our EYFS Christmas party. 


Thank you for all your co-operation and support this term.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Break and a healthy, happy new year.


Mrs Ralph and the EYFS team.

Friday 13th November 2020


We are 'all things go' in Firetips class at the moment, as we become actors and actresses daily to practice our 'Nativity' (more information to come regarding this), as we move on to phase 3 phonics, explore our new topic 'Brrr it's cold' and build on all our skills we developed in Autumn term 1.


In our Physical development sessions (P.E) we are exploring Tennis and ball skills. The children enjoy Mr A coming in and teaching them for these sessions, developing their motor and listening skills.


In Literacy over the past few weeks, we have been describing fireworks using special words (adjectives), labelling images and writing our half term news. This week we pulled on the children's interest and did everything around 'Frozen.' The boys have enjoyed it just as much as the girls but I know they can't wait for a superhero week. So Frozen focused writing, we have chose our favourite character and described them, sequenced a story, used drama to re-tell a story and created invitations to Anna's coronation.


We have been developing our Communication & Language and Expressive art and design skills through our new polar regions role play. The children have loved dressing warm and heading to the 'North pole' and have even been on the look out for Santa.


In Maths this week we have not only explored the names and recognition of 2D shapes but also described and learnt about the properties of each one. We have completed printing activities, games outside, musical shapes (this was a favourite-play music and when it stops they have to find the shape called around the room, easily played at home). We also played shape bingo and took part in a shape hunt outside on our school grounds. All these activities have helped consolidate naming and recognising many 2D shapes. When on a walk or in the house ask your children if they can see any real life objects that represent 2D shapes? Outside we found a clock that represented a circle, a window that represented a rectangle, a bird house that represented a pentagon and many more.


Next week we move on to Polar animals where we will look and explore animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic, looking at similarities and differences of these areas, create a non-fiction book and head to forest school to see if we can find any penguins, who knows if it's a chilly day, we may just see a few.


Please continue to read at home, I cannot express how much it develops their phonics and you can really see their abilities shining through now, which is a delight to see. 


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


Mrs Ralph & the EYFS team

Wednesday 21st October 2020


The final week of Autumn term 1, I can't quite believe it, time certainly flies when you're having fun. The children are now really embedding routines, understanding what happens during our school day and are even a little less messier at lunchtime. Each individual has made great progress over the past 7 weeks and I am very much looking forward to what next term brings.


So, the past few weeks have seen us exploring phase 2 phonics further, looking at e, u, r, h, b, f and l. The children are becoming more confident with their sounds, recognising and writing them and showing off their new knowledge during independent learning. Some of us are now writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) such as, pig, dog, rat, cat. Whilst on reading and writing, I am really pleased to see several children reaching their 'Give me ten' 25 milestone before half term, I really believe this pays off and assists with our phonic knowledge. 


In maths we continue to explore number as we looked deeper into 1-10, properties of shapes linked to number, subitising (see our fluency page for more information on this and youtube have lots of information in what this is) and measure. We have measured our height, weighed various items from around our classroom and placed them in order ‘heaviest to lightest’ and we will have explored capacity by the end of the week. These are all things that can be done at home, in the bath with cups and jugs or simply through general chat, discussing who is the biggest/smallest in your household.


We have explored 'People who help us,' where we explored many occupations and what special number we should call if we need help, (999) ask your child if they can tell you about this number and who it gets us to. We drew a fireman/lady in literacy and labelled them, we sorted out who helps us with what and who keeps us safe. Last week we enjoyed a favourite of mine, 'The little red hen.' The children absolutely loved this story and asked if they could act it out daily using our masks and stage area. As the hen baked bread in our story we made this real life for our children and allowed them each to bake a bread roll. Again an activity they thoroughly enjoyed and took lots of learning from. This week we explored 'The little acorn,' story. We each created a zig zag book and sequenced the events from the story, before adding key vocabulary. The rest of the week will see us exploring Autumn, the changes that occur and on Friday we will explore Halloween through a range of activities and our class party. We have decided to host a class party to promote not going trick or treating to our children so that they remain safe during these uncertain times. There will be lots of games and treats involved and the children can come dressed up in a Halloween costume or as their favourite character.


All that's left to say is have a lovely half term, keep reading, stay safe and if you need any help with Tapestry please do let us know.


Mrs Ralph and Miss Cherrie


Thursday 24th September 2020


Week 3 done and dusted! We have really started to settle into our new routines now and are showing great independence, especially when coming in on a morning. We have now started to upload lots of our learning onto Tapestry, so do look on there to see what we have been up to in class and ideas on how to help your child at home with their learning. If you still do not have access to Tapestry, please see me in a morning or after school and I'll try my best to resolve any issues.


So some of us have stayed for lunch now which tends to be a calm and quiet time, reflecting on the morning  (hopefully this is what they show at home too). We are ever so responsible with our hygiene and showing a great sense of self care, keeping every one safe during these times.


Over the past two weeks in Literacy we have collectively created class rules, labelled our body parts, decided what makes a good friend and what being a bad friend means. We have been incorporating our physical development skills with Literacy when writing our names, holding our pens with a tri-pod grip.


We have explored our senses through a variety of exercises including a smell experiment. Ask your child if they can remember any of the items.


In maths we have been playing lots of games to embed Maths in a fun and engaging way. We have also explored time by speaking about daily routines and what happens when in a day. I have just added a Youtube link from 'Herts for learning' on our maths fluency page. On here you will find a range of games to play at home to consolidate your child learning.


We have now started phonics- Phase 2 set 1. This week we have explored 's' 'a' 't' and 'p.' Jolly phonics on youtube is a great source for you to use at home for the children to practise the songs and the action for the sound. Giving each sound a physical action, really helps the children remember the sound for when we come to write. Alphablocks are great to use as a time filler for before dinner or bath time. Although our usual phonic parent workshop could not happen, there will be something available for you virtually to help with the delivery of phonics at home. This will be really beneficial now your child has started to bring home reading books and has begun their reading and writing journey.


Thank you to all our families who have brought in photos of for our family gallery it is a highlight of our room, where the children often stand and chat about who they are with and what they are doing in the photo.

Friday 11th September 2020


Friday already, wow! This week has flown by, getting to know each other and making new friends for life. We have had so much fun in and outside our classroom. This week saw us take part in our first P.E session together, where this term we will explore movement and travel. This was a very exciting session outside on our field, where we all listened so well and tried to get involved as much as we could. Outside, we have been making mud pies in our mud kitchen, gave each other a ride on the back of our bikes, took turns on scooters and created first class performances on our stage. Inside we have engaged in role play in our 'Firetips house,' built amazing models and creations in our construction area, played games on our interactive board and explored our cosy reading area.


This week I would describe Firetips as 'brave.' Brave for being so grown up and coming into the classroom without any grown ups, brave for talking to new adults and children, brave for trying new fruit at snack time and brave for simply having a go at everything this week. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this term brings and how we grow as a class.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Ralph

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