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Firetips (Reception)

Welcome to Reception


Our class is called Firetips and we are taught by Mrs Ralph.

Firetips are supported by Miss Claridge, Mrs Carlisle and Mr C.


Things to remember


LIBRARY - Your child's library session will be on a Monday afternoon. Your child will be able to bring a new book home every week, if their previous book has been returned. Please read and share this book with your child to continue the love of reading at home. Books must then be returned on a MONDAY MORNING for your child to re-take a new one.


P.E- Your childs' physical development session will be on a THURSDAY MORNING. Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear to get changed into for these sessions. This includes trousers and a jumper for outdoor sessions during the colder months. 


Key dates:

Tuesday 28th January - Share & Learn 8:40am-10:15am.

Friday 14th February - Break up for half term at 3:15pm.

Tuesday 31st March & Thursday 1st April- Parents evening.

Friday 3rd April - Break up for Easter holidays at 1:30.

Thursday 5th March 2020


March already, WOW! Where is this year going?


We kick started Spring 2 with 'Down in the jungle.' During this topic we will be exploring animals/minibeast names and features, where jungles are in our world, features of a jungle and similarities and differences between animals.


Last week we learnt all about 'The very hungry caterpillar,' linking our Literacy to maths as we remembered the days of the week and what he ate/how much he ate on which days. This lent itself really well to healthy eating which we discussed in great detail. We sequenced the life cycle of a butterfly learning some amazing vocabulary such as 'Chrysalis and Metamorphosis.' I have ordered our caterpillar's now for our investigation station which the children will be able to closely observe the Butterfly life cycle for themselves.


We also had an amazing visit from Zoolab who brought in some very special guests. These guests included; Lily the rat, Gary the land snail, Mary-Jane the snake, DJ the hissing cockroach and Clabot the frog. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience which sparked such awe and wonder in as the children asked the ranger a variety of questions. The children then recorded down facts to use in their recounts this week of the event.

This week we wrote our recounts from our Zoolab experience, which the children did a wonderful job at using the correct language independently, 'first,' 'next' and 'then.' We finished the week with our amazing 'WORLD BOOK DAY' ACTIVITIES.' EYFS focused on 'Handa's surprise,' addressing diversity and tasting different kinds of fruit that grows in Africa. In reception all children in early years tasted the fruit we had on offer, even if they were unsure they gave it a lick or a tiny bite before putting it in the bin. (Great resilience). We then incorporated maths by placing our face on a bar chart to identify which fruit was most popular. In nursery all children printed their own fruit pictures with a focus on repeating patterns to challenge Reception. A huge thank you to all the grown ups for providing amazing costumes for your children, it really was a fun day as they danced around and acted out their characters for most of the day.


In maths so far this term we have explored direction and positional language and recapped our number bonds to 10. Remember Youtube is a great source for number bonds songs which really help the children remember which numbers go together to make 10.


Next week we move onto 'Mad about minibeasts.'


Wednesday 12th February 2020


Today marks our 100th day at school, can you believe we have been in Reception together for, 100 days? Here's to the next 100!


The past two weeks have seen us continue our tennis skills as we learnt how to serve and start a match with our friends. Physical activity and outdoor play is so important for our children as figures are showing that inmates in Prison are spending more time outside then children under 10. The children and I love our P.E sessions and Go Noodle in class, continue this love at home with a just dance video on YouTube or a trip to the climbing frame at the park.


Last week we completed various activities in Literacy which included; sequencing the story of 'Hansel & Gretel,' drawing a story map to sequence the events, designing and labelling our own sweetie houses and using our senses to write descriptions. We finished the week off with Number day which was a great hit! Continuing our Hansel and Gretel theme we made number biscuits using sweets then headed out to complete a sweetie number hunt in forest school. After our chilly work outside we headed back indoors to eat our biscuits along with a nice hot chocolate, but the children didn't get them so easy. They had to buy their biscuit using coins to round off our learning about money. We then had some very special visitors join us from Townsend school who came along and played maths based games with us, they were a delight to have and are welcome to come along to assist our learning anytime.


This week we complete our fairy tales topic with 'Jack and the beanstalk.' Apologies in advance for any muddy clothes from planting our own very own beans. The children will observe change and growth of their seed before bringing them home to continue to take care of, I wonder what it will grow into? In maths we have been exploring 'Measures.' So far we have ordered beanstalks shortest to tallest, measured strips of tape using cm's on a ruler. Next we explore the weight of the Giant's objects from his house to identify which is the heaviest and which is the lightest. All of these things can be competed at home with every day objects to promote the language biggest, smallest, shortest, tallest, heaviest, lightest at home. Yesterday we re-capped internet safety and discussed how we stay safe online. We read a 'Digiduck' story which can be accessed through google and created bunting with the things we use the internet for. (Cbeebies games, Netflix, Minecraft and Roblox were some popular answers). See our bunting over our classroom door for the finished product.


Next term we move onto 'Down in the Jungle,' where we will have a very exciting visit from Zoolab and learn lots of things about Jungle animals, the features of a Jungle and where Jungles are. 


Thank you for your on going support this term and just like that another term completed.



Wednesday 29th January 2020


We continue to promote our love of books and reading through our variety of Fairy tales. Last week we explored 'The three little pigs,' which actually continued into our music session this week. We started using music and movement to tell stories, more of this to come soon. In Literacy we wrote speech for the characters and received a special letter form Mummy pig, which we had to reply to. In maths we explored 'one more and one less,' on Tapestry you will be able to see all the amazing ways we did this and how easy this learning can be continued at home. If you are out on a walk and see door numbers, you could ask your child to read the number then ask what number is one more than that or one less.


This week we have started an understanding of the world focus week as we delve into learning all about China, especially the 'Chinese new year celebrations.' The children are loving it! Messy noodle play, tasting fortune cookies and writing their names in Chinese have been particularly popular, with recreating the great wall of China with lego, a strong contender. We had the most amazing morning with our grown ups in class yesterday at our share & learn. All our learning areas linked to China and the children showed such pride and ownership of our environment as they spoke about what they did where in our classroom. Thank you to everyone who attended, we really love having you involved in your child's learning and building such positive relationships with you. I hope you loved it as much as us.


In maths this week and next we are exploring 'Money.'We will explore this in a very practical, fun, play way so that the children remember this learning. If you pop to the shops ask them to help by getting a specific coin out for you, don't worry about the long queue of people, if your child is learning and having a good time that's all that matters ;)


Next week we move to Hansel & Gretel and I hope the children don't get lost in forest school and end up at the witches house!

Tuesday 14th January 2020


Once Upon a time there was a class called Firetips, who stepped back into their learning to a fairytale world...


Happy new year! It’s so good to be back in our usual routines, engaging in our new topic, ‘Once upon a time.’ Last week we explored ‘Goldilocks and the three bears,’ where the children learnt the whole story through drama, created wanted posters for the cheeky Goldilocks and made their very own porridge, just like the bears. By completing fun activities around the story the children really grasped the concept of exactly what happens in the book. This week we move onto ‘Little Red Riding hood,’ with lots more exciting things planned. 


In Maths we had a very exciting practical week as we looked at names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. This included 3D shape rockets, 2D shape pattern making, 3D shape splat, marshmallow and cocktail stick 3D shapes and a shape hunt outside. We explored everyday objects that represented either 2D or 3D shapes. When your at home ask your child if they can see any shapes around them, maybe a clock (circle), or a tv, (rectangle)? These fun ways really help secure the knowledge of shape names and properties in your child’s memory. 


I have uploaded this terms curriculum letter on our class page under ‘curriculum,’ which was sent out last week. This will provide all the information you need for this term including important dates and reminders. Our share & learn will take place on the 28th January please do try to come along, we love having you in class to see how well your child is doing in school.

17th December 2019


A huge round of applause for the best Nativity EVER! So proud of every single child for trying extremely hard with their lines, standing up and singing so confidently and giving 110% in today’s show. The rest of the week will be spent role playing in our Santa’s workshop, watching the pantomime and having our well deserved Christmas party. 


This leaves me to say, Merry Christmas to you all and whatever your plans are over the break may they be filled with fun and happiness. See you in the new year.

Thursday 12th December 2019


We are well on the way with our finest Mary & Joesph impersonations and the children are doing extremely well with learning their lines and the seven songs ready for next week. The nativity will start at 9:15 in the hall and we would love for you to stay afterwards. We are providing mince pies, tea/coffee and whilst we reflect on a wonderful term the children can create and colour away whilst enjoying a biscuit and some milk.


The children continue to grow and develop each week whilst simply being the best possible versions of themselves. They make me smile daily with their love of pretending to be teachers, how they continue to mature and how they know the exact date and day now, due to their excitement of seeing who will get the advent chocolate and who will get to unwrap the next book under our tree. We really are having a ball in Firetips. 


Over the past couple of weeks we have continued our learning of phase 3 sounds, (ee, or, ai, oa, ch, th, oo, qu, ng, oi and er). Phonics is best learnt actively through song and games. Please listen to jolly phonics on YouTube where all the sounds and actions are available for you. Another great song to help your child with remembering their tricky words is:


Practising writing sounds and spelling is great fun in flour or salt on a tray, Pinterest had a bank of easy ideas for you to do at home. Please come and see me if you need any support with helping your child at home with their phonics.


Last week we had a very exciting writing session after reading ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman,’ where we wrote our letters to Father Christmas. This was also a great listening and speaking activity as we shared our ideas with our friends. We then posted them to the North Pole and we now eagerly await a reply. We then went on our first class trip to, St Albans Cathedral. This was great fun and I was extremely proud to be their teacher, from lining up at the bus stop, sitting beautifully on the bus and walking responsibly down to the Cathedral, they were simply amazing! We consolidated our knowledge on the Christmas story as we looked at the nativity story in many ways, explored advent and had a wonderful tour of the cathedral whilst focusing on the astonishing colours and patterns in the windows. This then lead onto a great workshop where we created our very own stain glass windows. 


In literacy we have described a snowman, sequenced the snowmen animation (which the children loved watching), by making our own zig zag books. We have explored ‘One Snowy Night,’ a non-fiction story based on the tales of Percy the park keeper. The children loved the variety of animals in the story and comparing their habitats to the frozen habitat we currently have in our role play area. When out and about on a winter walk ask the children if they can see any of the animals from the story and what they need to survive. This is a great way of linking understanding of the world into your every day activities. (Don’t forget to upload any learning done at home on Tapestry, we love to see what you are getting upto).



In maths we have been exploring number bonds to 10. We have also introduced estimation (a sensible guess), a tricky concept but by making it fun with pea pods, the jolly Christmas present bag and the fruit bowl the children were really grasping the concept of what was a sensible guess and what wasn’t.


Next week, (the final week of the Autumn term), brings our annual Nativity, this year called, ‘A King is born,’ a special visit from a pantomime, our Christmas party and many more festive filled activities. 


As 2019 draws to a close I reflect on what the children have a achieved so far in their reception class year and thank you for your hard work and co-operation with this.



Friday 15th November 2019

Week two of our second term is over and done with like that. The children came back from half term with fantastic attitudes towards their learning, I just cannot get them to stop writing and practising their sounds, which is amazing! Don't forget 'youtube-jolly phonics,' is a great resource to consolidate all sounds that the children are taught in class to help advance their reading.


We have introduced 'Gymnastics' in our physical development sessions. The past couple of weeks have seen us exploring jumping in many ways off a bench onto a mat. Today we went higher and used crash mats to land on which some children were a little unsure of but we're extremely proud of their achievements after they had jumped from the platform. Ask them to demonstrate one of our jumps when you are at the park or somewhere with safe landing. The jumps we have learnt are pencil jumps, tuck jump, straight jump and star jump.


In Literacy last week we focused on vocabulary and describing, when completing our writing on Fireworks and added speech and labels to an image when exploring a Twinkl story called, 'Sparks in the sky.' This week in Literacy we spoke and wrote about who else we are thankful for, as well as our amazing soldiers. The children thought about those close to them who help them in various ways, it was lovely to hear all the things the children are grateful for. On Monday we also paid respect to our fallen soldiers with a minute's silence alongside nursery and watched a video from the BBC called 'poppies,' which is a child friendly animation of the war. We then spent the rest of the week creating our own non-fiction books which included facts about polar bears. The children are doing really well at segmenting words to spell them as correctly as possible. I'd like to remind you to make sure you are reading with your child at home, EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes, this will really have an impact on their phonic and literacy sessions. Blending is the main area I would ask you to work on at home with the words in the back of their reading books, for example... 'D-o-g' blended together makes 'dog.' If you need any support with this please do come and see myself or Miss Claridge, as we are happy to help as much as we can.


In Maths we have explored time in many ways. We have looked at our daily routines from getting dressed to going to school, to eating dinner and going to bed. We ordered the days of the week, spoke about the months of the year and this week made o' clock and half past times with clocks. When at home and the time is coming up to the next hour, ask the children to see if they can tell you the time. Please remind them that the big hand tells us the minute/o'clock and half past and the small hand tells us what hour it is.


On Wednesday we had our 'Share & Learn' which had a great turn out, so thank you if you attended. If you missed it please don't worry as we will have plenty more throughout the year. We are always very grateful for your commitment and efforts into coming along to things that we organise.


Next week we are going to do lots of work on the 'Snowman' animation which I am very excited to show the children. We also start the famous annual 'Nativity,' which is going to be great fun. Please put Tuesday 17th December in your diary (9-10am), to come along and see your stars shine and enjoy warm mince pies and refreshments with the other parents and the teachers.

Thursday 17th October 2019 - 'People who help us' + 'The Little Acorn'


The past two weeks have been very exciting, starting off with a fantastic visit from our local Fire service. Four Firemen came along in their fire engine, loaded with equipment for the children to explore. The children represented our school brilliantly, using manners, demonstrating great listening skills when answering questions and adapting their behaviour when outside for an hour, I was extremely proud of them. We got to touch and use some of the special equipment that Firemen use to cut people out of cars, open lifts if people are stuck inside and learnt the special number that we call if we are ever in danger. Maybe ask the children to see if they can remember this, as we never know when they may need to use it. After a tour and Mr C dressing up as a Firemen, which the children thoroughly enjoyed they got to go inside the cabin of the engine. The children were so eager to get inside and demonstrated how happy they were through their beaming smiles. This lead to some great drawing and labelling of a Fireman in Literacy and identifying who can help us in what way. 


In maths we have been looking at addition and counting the total amount of two groups. We started with domino addition where the children added both sides of the domino to find the total, understanding that when we add our total always gets bigger. If you have any dominoes laying around at home try this out, the children really enjoyed this as we made it more game like. We then looked at what numbers made 5 and 10 (number bonds). There are some great number bond songs and poems on youtube that you could listen to at home to re-cap this learning. Mr Johnston paid a visit to Firetips during maths this week and he commented on engaged the children were in their learning and how well they were all doing, the children enjoyed showing off their learning but did however miss Maggie.


This week we have been learning about 'The Little Acorn' story. This is a Twinkl orginal story and tells the life cycle of an oak tree through a story. The children have really grasped the concept of how the Acorn turns into an Oak tree and then the acorns fall off and the cycle starts again. Tomorrow we will be thinking about and writing what we would like to be when we grow up, just like the acorn.


On our investigation station this week we have been exploring 'What is magnetic?' The children have shown lots of curiosity about magnets, how to hold them, what they do and explaining the items that "stick" to the magnets and which items "doesn't stick," in the words of the children. So many children have explored this with various peers, lots of great discussion had about the various objects on the table and children initiating others to come over and have a look and what they've found.


In French we are now learning how to say the weather in French. Madame Bresson gave out so many house points today and commented on how she couldn't tell the children apart from the French children she has taught before. We have some great Linguists blossoming in Firetips class.


Last but by no means least, yesterday was our extremely successful 'EYFS Share a story morning.' What a brilliant morning we all had, I particularly enjoyed dressing up as a witch as I read 'Room on the broom.' It was great to hear such amazing things from Miss Claridge and Miss Banes about all he exciting things the children and adults had been up to. A massive thank you to all the families who came to support this event, it wouldn't have been the same without you, we will certainly be doing another one.


One more week before half term, we will be decorating our home corner with all things Halloween, don't forget the PTA Halloween disco next Thursday at 5:30 its going to be a spooktacular event and I'll be there with reception the whole time, so please do get their tickets soon. We will also be baking Halloween biscuits as our cooking activity next week.


Thursday 3rd October 2019


We are now well into our daily routines and the children are most certainly finding their feet exploring all the areas our classroom has to offer.


We continue learning our phase 2 sounds following 'Letters and sounds' and 'Jolly Phonics,' please do practise these sounds at home, if you need a new sound mat do come and ask for one. As well as learning our phase 2 sounds we now working on applying the learnt sounds when blending and writing CVC words such as; dog, cat, tin, pin, sat. If you have spare time at home ask the children to have a go at writing some of these, writing in flour and shaving foam is lots of fun, don't forget to upload any home learning onto Tapestry, I love to see what you are getting up to.


In Maths we have been working on 2D and 3D shape names and properties. We have played games, such as 'what's in the bag?' and 'Shape shop,' we have sang songs and been on a shape hunt, looking at shapes in our environment. The children really engage in these practical lessons and are really easy to be done in and around the home too. This week we have been exploring capacity, length, height and weight. The children have been recognising which containers hold the most water and how to check if their predictions are correct, ordering two or three items shortest to tallest and comparing the weight of two objects by using the scales and objects from our environment. Lots of new language learnt which I have heard applied during child initiated time, especially during their own versions of the games we have played.


In Literacy this week we are reading, 'The Little Red Hen.' The children are really enjoying this story and today we even made our own bread just like the hen. We have spent the week sequencing the story, acting out the story and being a good audience for our peers, changing the end of the story and adding speech to some of the characters form the story. You should ask if they could re-tell it to you before bed time.


We continue working on numbers in our French lessons, the children adapt to this lesson well and try hard to gain extra house points during these sessions.


Next week we are looking at 'people who help us.' We are very lucky yo have the Fire service visiting, with their engine and equipment which will be a real treat for the children. Week 5 almost done, this term is flying.



Friday 20th September 2019


Wow what a great few weeks settling into new routines! The children have now completed their first week of full days and certainly have been busy.


Over the past few weeks, we have started learning our sounds in Phonics where we have explored, 's,' 'a,' 't,' 'p,' 'i,' 'n,' 'm' and 'd'. I am holding a phonics workshop on Monday morning and hope to see as many of you ass possible. We will be playing lots of games and I'll be showing you how we teach phonics at school, so that you can repeat this at home. Jolly phonics songs on youtube are a great quick and easy resource that you can use at home.


We have started our creative curriculum by starting our weekly Music and French lessons. Music is taught by Mr Mitchell, where this term we are focusing on pitch, volume and tempo. French is taught by Madame Bresson, where so far we have learnt hello and goodbye in french and the french names for colours, red, blue and white.


In Literacy we have been retelling past events, drawing our families, writing our favourite food and looking at similairities and differences using baby photos as a hook.


In Maths we have been learning all about numbers 1-10, the order they go in. The children are really enjoying counting our first 100 days of school as we reach a new number everyday. The become very excited as they know when we reach 100, we are going to have a number party.


We have been exploring other main areas of the EYFS that include;

* Personal, Social and Emotional development - where we have been taking turns and accepting the needs of others. We have also been making and building new relationships with children who didn't come to our nursery. This area is extremely important and it is important that we remind all children to be kind and follow our Golden Expectations at school at all times.


* Physical development - In our P.E sessions this term we are looking at different ways of moving, negotiating space and landing appropriately.


* Communication & Language - A real focus of ours to ensure the children are using words to express their needs and wants and that the children are speaking in full sentences. We are using talk partners which is going really well and ensuring lots of chat happens in our group times.