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Firetips (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to Reception


Our class is called Firetips and we are taught by Mrs Ralph.

Firetips are supported by Miss Cherrie and Mr C.


Things to remember:


LIBRARY - Your child's library session will be on a Friday morning. Your child will be able to bring a new book home every week, if their previous book has been returned. Please read and share this book with your child to continue to develop the love of reading at home. Books must then be returned on a FRIDAY MORNING for your child to re-take a new one.


P.E- Your childs' physical development session will be on a THURSDAY MORNING. Please ensure your child comes already dressed in the appropriate clothing and footwear, for these sessions. Your child will then stay in their P.E kit for the remainder of the day, so please think carefully about the weather. Clothing includes; black shorts, white T-shirt for spring and summer and red trousers and a red jumper for the colder months and for any outdoor sessions. 

key dates:

W.C 14th September 2020- children finish at 1:30pm

W.C 21st September 2020- children finish at 3:10pm (a little earlier than everyone else, to limit traffic at the Woollam crescent gate and KS1 area).


Check out the videos below, to see where you come into school and what to do when you arrive.


Thursday 24th September 2020


Week 3 done and dusted! We have really started to settle into our new routines now and are showing great independence, especially when coming in on a morning. We have now started to upload lots of our learning onto Tapestry, so do look on there to see what we have been up to in class and ideas on how to help your child at home with their learning. If you still do not have access to Tapestry, please see me in a morning or after school and I'll try my best to resolve any issues.


So some of us have stayed for lunch now which tends to be a calm and quiet time, reflecting on the morning  (hopefully this is what they show at home too). We are ever so responsible with our hygiene and showing a great sense of self care, keeping every one safe during these times.


Over the past two weeks in Literacy we have collectively created class rules, labelled our body parts, decided what makes a good friend and what being a bad friend means. We have been incorporating our physical development skills with Literacy when writing our names, holding our pens with a tri-pod grip.


We have explored our senses through a variety of exercises including a smell experiment. Ask your child if they can remember any of the items.


In maths we have been playing lots of games to embed Maths in a fun and engaging way. We have also explored time by speaking about daily routines and what happens when in a day. I have just added a Youtube link from 'Herts for learning' on our maths fluency page. On here you will find a range of games to play at home to consolidate your child learning.


We have now started phonics- Phase 2 set 1. This week we have explored 's' 'a' 't' and 'p.' Jolly phonics on youtube is a great source for you to use at home for the children to practise the songs and the action for the sound. Giving each sound a physical action, really helps the children remember the sound for when we come to write. Alphablocks are great to use as a time filler for before dinner or bath time. Although our usual phonic parent workshop could not happen, there will be something available for you virtually to help with the delivery of phonics at home. This will be really beneficial now your child has started to bring home reading books and has begun their reading and writing journey.


Thank you to all our families who have brought in photos of for our family gallery it is a highlight of our room, where the children often stand and chat about who they are with and what they are doing in the photo.

Friday 11th September 2020


Friday already, wow! This week has flown by, getting to know each other and making new friends for life. We have had so much fun in and outside our classroom. This week saw us take part in our first P.E session together, where this term we will explore movement and travel. This was a very exciting session outside on our field, where we all listened so well and tried to get involved as much as we could. Outside, we have been making mud pies in our mud kitchen, gave each other a ride on the back of our bikes, took turns on scooters and created first class performances on our stage. Inside we have engaged in role play in our 'Firetips house,' built amazing models and creations in our construction area, played games on our interactive board and explored our cosy reading area.


This week I would describe Firetips as 'brave.' Brave for being so grown up and coming into the classroom without any grown ups, brave for talking to new adults and children, brave for trying new fruit at snack time and brave for simply having a go at everything this week. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this term brings and how we grow as a class.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Ralph

Entrance to school

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Where we enter our classroom

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Starting time

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