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Maths fluency

What is maths fluency?


Fluency in maths is about developing number sense and using strong foundations to recall number facts automatically. The National Curriculum states that pupils should become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and frequent practice.


How we aim to improve your child’s maths fluency


Regular fluency sessions

We will give learners a chance to practice their skills with separate fluency sessions that happen at a different time to the daily maths lesson. Sessions usually last around 10-15 minutes and typically scheduled several times a week in addition to regular maths lessons. Adding these separate practice sessions with a focus on fluency gives learners the chance to work on maths in two different ways, without taking away from the work in the lesson. 

Revisiting topics taught last week, last month and last term are key during these sessions to really embed and address prior learning.

We will also incorporate games and fun activities which encourage children to think and apply strategies in a fun and engaging manner.

Useful maths websites for early years