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Meet Maggie



Welcome to Maggie’s Dog Blog! 

Maggie LOVES to pose for photos and you can now see her on our Staff Page!

Golden Paw Print

Resilient Maggie

The weekend before October half term (2017) Maggie contracted a virus and was very poorly. She had to spend some time at the vets to recover and get better before returning to school. Maggie was very brave and managed to fight off the virus. All the vets at the Royal Vet College said that Maggie was a very resilient puppy. She lost some weight but is now back to full fitness! 

Maggie’s Sleepy!

Maggie has the comfiest bed in the whole wide world..but still hangs out of it whilst she sleeps! frown

What do you think Maggie is dreaming about?

Yes you guessed it! Maggie has been given some fantastic tasting dog biscuits from George Street Canteen and has all the equipment she needs thanks to the staff at Quadrant Pet Suppliessmiley



Maggie during the holidays! 

Maggie had an excellent time over the holidays. Maggie enjoys being active and enjoys her daily walks with friend Jess. She also likes to sit by the radiator to keep warm. She was showered with gifts over the holidays and enjoys playing with them.