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Monarchs (Year 6)

Welcome to Year 6


Our class is called Monarchs and our teacher is Mrs Rigarlsford.

We are supported by Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Harvey.


Things to remember: PE kit- Thursday, Library book- Friday, Water bottles


For key dates and information please look at our curriculum letter in the star at the top of the page. 

No Pens Day


Today, Year 6 have had great fun doing absolutely no writing at all. For our first lesson we did a lesson of Maths through art. We looked at the work of several artists who use shapes which overlap. We chose to paint, colour or pastel to add colour to them.The children experimented with a variety of styles of art to create a final piece.


After that, Year 6 had an amazing drama lesson with Mrs Gibbs whilst Mrs Rigarlsford taught art to year 5. The children watched the animated film War Game by Michael Foreman then acted out scenes from the story.They were engrossed in games of football and crawling through trenches imagining what life would have been like.


In the afternoon, Miss Gregory taught computing. The children put photos from their drama into a storyboard on Powerpoint presentations.This was followed by the music lesson with Mr Mitchell who was teaching our Christmas song with accompaniment.




On the first day Mrs Rigarlsford arrived Year 6 made remembrance poppies as a reading activity. Each child had a set of instructions to follow in order to make their poppy. The finished poppies are in the entrance hall by the door.

Look at our display, art and drama.

Music lesson

Year 6 enjoyed completing a science experiment looking at how light travels and how it is reflected. We have also been looking at parts of the eye in detail and which parts allow the light to enter. 

Science Experiment

Year six have had a fantastic first few weeks back and have been busy creating some lovely work for our displays around the classroom.