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Moonbeams (Year 1)

Welcome to Year 1


Our class is called Moonbeams and we are taught by Miss Saunders.

Miss Braceland teaches Moonbeams on Mondays.

Moonbeams are supported by Mrs Clark.


Things to remember:

Library is on a Wednesday.


P.E is on a Thursday.



Key dates:

Read our class newsletter under the 'Curriculum star' for more key dates.

World Book Day!


We had a brilliant day on the 5th March celebrating all things reading related! We started by joining with Year 4 to create our own magic carpets. We worked together to decide where we would go if we had one of our own.

We really enjoyed the catwalk. look at the pictures to see our best book day poses.

w/c : 24.02.20


This week Year 1 had lots of fun in the snow! Have a look at the pictures to see what we made.


In Maths, we have been using our maths knowledge to help us solve lots of word problems. Next week we will be looking at subtraction word problems.


In Literacy, we have been reading 'Katie and the sunflowers'. Following this, we had lots of fun painting our own sunflowers, just like Vincent Van Gogh!


In Science, we started our very own experiment. This week we planted the seeds in different conditions. We predicted that the cress with no light will not grow. Next week, will we see if our predictions were right.


In other lessons …


In P.S.H.C.E we have been learning about healthy eating.

In P.E we stated to learn a dance routine.

In ART, we had a special visitor that helped us investigate lots of different art work.




w/c: 3.02.20


This week Year 1 have been busy investigating.


In Science, We needed to help our dear friend Winnie the Pooh. Unfortunately, his umbrella had broken from all the bad weather. He asked us if we could make him a new one. We had to do lots of tests of different materials to see if they were waterproof. We found out that the plastic bag was the best material for the job!


In Art, we have been making Chinese lanterns. We had lots of fun drawing to the sound of Chinese music.


Year 1 have also been learning to write in Chinese. We found out that in China, they use symbols instead of letters. We had lots of fun writing our names.


In Maths, we have been doing lots of leaning about subtraction. We know that "less" and " fewer" also mean the same thing. We know that using cubes and number lines will help us.


 The children had a brilliant time at 'Drop In And Draw'


Miss Harvey helped to children to create their very own Peppa Pigs.




W/C: 13.01.20

Happy New Year! 

After a well deserved holiday we have had a great start to the New Year in Moonbeams. 


In Literacy we have been reading the story 'Cinderella.' We have been learning about adjectives to describe the characters in the story. 

An adjective is a describing word


We have though of some adjectives to describe Cinderella at the beginning of the story: 

- sad

- lonely 

- miserable 

- unhappy 

- scruffy 

- dirty 

- upset 


We have thought of some adjectives to describe Cinderella when she is at the ball

- excited 

- beautiful 

- happy 

- pretty

- golden blonde hair 

- crystal blue eyes 


In Maths we have been learning about measuring.

We have been measuring objects using the words - short, shorter, shortestlong, longer, longesttall, taller and tallest.


We have been measuring weight using the words - heavy, heavier, heaviestlight, lighter, lightest and equal to. 

We used pan balance scales to weigh different classroom objects. We even made equal to weights!


In Science we have been sorting materials. We found materials in the classroom that were made from wood, plastic, rubber, material and metal. We then though about the properties of these materials. Are they strong? Are they rough? Are they hard? Are they wet? Are they bumpy? 

Year 1 Christmas party!


Moonbeams had a brilliant time at their Christmas party.


We started with a competitive game of musical chairs.Well done to our winners Annabel and James!


After that, we settled down with our snacks to watch a Christmas movie.


Thank you to all the parents who contributed towards our party.


W/C- 9.12.18


This week we have been learning lots about Christmas!


In R:E we have been making Christingles, we have had lots of fun labelling them in our books.


In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We know that a sphere has a curved face and a cuboid has 6 straight faces. We used our shapes and paint to create beautiful pictures. Can you see what pictures we made?


In Science we put our coats, hats and gloves and went on a senses hunt. We could see lots of orange leaves. We could feel the wet grass and we could hear the rain.


In Topic we recreated the fire of London. We enjoyed the different sounds we could hear.


Moonbeams have been doing a lot of writing this week. We have been writing diary entries from Edgar about his eventful Christmas day. We were so happy when the villagers accepted him!


Look at the pictures to see our special visitor.

W/C: 18.11.19


This week has been a busy one for Moonbeams!


We stared the week by creating some of our own Rangoli patterns in R.E.


In Maths, we have been learning how to double and half. We learnt that each side must be equal. We practised by feeding equal amounts of peas to Obb and Bob.


In Phonics, we became human flashcards. We had to listen very carefully to see if we were needed to make the phase 4 word.


To help with our wellbeing, we learnt a new pose in our weekly yoga time. We centred ourselves like a tree and took deep breaths.


Below is a link to a brilliant website 'Letters and Sounds'. You will find endless resources to help you support your childs' learning.



Year 1 have had brilliant day learning without pens.


We started the day with some Music, we had lots of fun learning our Christmas songs. We then moved onto Maths. Moonbeams really enjoyed making different numbers  between 10 – 20. We had to use our imaginations to record our findings without pens.  Lots of children used a tens frame and some pumpkins!

Next, we practised our speaking and listening skills. We had great fun listening to Kayden explain how he made his 'tornado machine.'

In Literacy, we realised that our stars had gone missing. We used our appropriate ‘star catching equipment’ to find them. We looked under the scratchy log, up in the green trees and we had to walk through the squelchy mud!


Year 1 had a fantastic day without pens!

W/C: 14.10.19 


In English we have been writing arecount’ about our school trip to the library. We used the pictures we took to order the events in the day. We used this plan to help us write our first recount.


In Guided Reading we have been writing book reviews on our favourite books.


In Maths we used objects from around the class and cubes to learn about weight.   Then we wrote down some predications and compared these to the actual weight. We then worked as a team to solve some mathematical problems.


In Art we have been creating pop art. We looked at the work of some famous artists and used felt tips to create bright pictures.


In R.E we made our own ‘Sukkah. We hunted around the school for different materials we could use and then created these in our books. We made sure to include our families around our tables.

W/C: 09/09/19

This week we have been very busy


In English we have been learning how to write a sentence. We have been trying to remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We have also been learning about how to use a conjunction in our sentence.


In French we have been learning how to say colours. We did this by playing a fun game with the French


In Science we have been learning about parts of the body and what we use them for. Here are some of our ideas: 


'I can use my feet to jump!'


'I can use my hips to hula hoop!'


'I can use my hands and fingers to roll play dough!' 


In choosing time we have been matching Capital letters to lower case letters.

It has been really fun to see who can match the letters the fastest!

W/C: 16.09.19 

It has been a very busy week for Moonbeams!


In English we have written about our likes and dislikes. To help us we used the book ‘What I like!'


In Phonics we have been learning the sound ‘OO’. We used our new learning to write notes about our favourite books.


In Maths we have used lots of different resources to help us find fewer and more. We then worked together to match pictures to numbers.


In Science we drew around each other and labelled our bodies we found: eyes, nose, feet, toes, arms, head and lots more! 


Also this week...

In R.E we have been learning about the Christian creation story.

In Art we have created self- portraits.

In PSHE we have been talking about what makes us feel safe.