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Phonics is a method that teaches children to read by pronouncing sounds rather than the letters and recognising the relationship between sounds and letters. Learning phonics helps children learn to read and spell words accurately and quickly. When a child is taught phonics, he or she can use that knowledge to decode unknown words. We use programmes, 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and sounds,' to teach phonics. We find these programmes to be very practical, ultimately resulting in the children remembering the sounds quite quickly. We use a range of songs, games and practical activities to learn and revise phonic sounds. In Reception we introduce Phase 2 & 3 phonics, (revising phase 1 where necessary), if confident your child will then be introduced to new cluster sounds (Phase 4) and Phase 5 sounds. You can find all these sounds on the sound mats below. Jolly phonics on youtube (see link below), is a great resource for songs, Alphablocks is also fantastic and a great way to make any T.V time productive.


Tricky words are words that are taught by sight, these cannot be decoded or sounded out and the children are taught to remember them. Again through songs and games we do this. You can find a list of tricky words that need to be learnt during your child's year in reception.


Below is a link to a fantastic free website called, 'Oxford owl.' On this site you will find lots of information on how to help your child with their reading. There are audio clips for pronunciation of sounds, an explanation of what phonics is, tips for engaging your child in fun reading, resources and activity ideas and a guide to support phonics at home.

Phase 4 (Blend & Cluster) sound mat