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SATS Papers and advice

Please look at the links in the other 'stars' for more help with how to help your child in Maths, Reading, Writing and Phonics.

Information for parents from the meeting in school on Tuesday 22nd March

How can you help at home?

Supporting your child at home, at any time, gives your child confidence, support and valuable practice of what they have been taught in school. Below, you will find resources in Reading, Writing and Maths that parents can use at home to give their child a boost. Do share any work that you do with your child at home, so that House points can be awarded to them for their efforts. 


Reading everyday for 10 minutes with your child, will support them in making good progress in reading, in addition to 1:1 reading, group and whole class reading lessons, Phonics and Everyone Reading In Class (ERIC) sessions at school. 

Past papers are a useful way of teachers assessing pupils. They are extremely useful for parents and pupils to practice at home. 


Writing is seen as a process at Margaret Wix. Children are exposed to high quality stimulus texts and books, a range of high quality examples of the genre they are writing, punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and key content within the genre they are studying. This method of teaching helps pupils develop high quality skills for writing and is difficult to mimic at home. 

If you would like to give your child ideas for writing, please follow the links below, some of which we use in school.



Spelling forms an important part of the writing teacher assessment. Pupils are expected to be able to spell the Year 2 Common Exception words within context. 



In Year 2, your child will learn to form letters at the right size and to join letters when appropriate.  The link below explains more and gives really good advice on how to practise. 




Maths can be the easiest of the subjects to support your child with at home. The most important part of supporting your child is to make sure that they are practicing the methods they have learned at school. The curriculum has changed many times over the years and although methods we use as adults from our own schooling days will get us to the correct answer, they are not usually what children learn today. 


Go to Miss Abbott's Maths blogs for more tips on how to help your child -