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School & Eco Councils

What is Margaret Wix School Council? 


At Margaret Wix we have an elected School Council.  Each class elects two children every term to be their class representative. The representatives are there to be the voices of the class and attend School Council meetings.  


The School Council meet every half term and discuss ideas for improving the school. They also try to raise money for good causes.  


If you are a member of Margaret Wix Primary School and you have an idea that you would like the School Council to discuss; then write it on a post-it note and put it on the display board by the front office.


Welcome back!

Below are our new school representative for Spring term 2020. We have 2 representatives per class, congratulations to the following pupils:

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6 



Spring Term 2020

23.1.20 -School Council Meeting

This week we met to discuss initiatives to raise money for the school and charities.


13.2.20 -School Council Meeting

This week we spoke to Mrs Abbott regarding raising money for Comic Relief, a charity which raises money for children in Africa to have education. We loved this idea and chose it as our Spring fundraiser.


5.3.20 -School Council Meeting

We made posters and wrote a letter to Mr Johnston about Comic Relief day which will be held on Friday 13th March.


Autumn Term 2019

17.10.19 - School Council Meeting

This week we met to discuss the upcoming 'Wear Pink' day to raise money for Breast cancer which is a charity very close to our school community. Each school council representative agreed to remind their class and head a discussion as to what items they could wear.


3.10.19 - School Council Meeting

Today in our School Council meeting, we made posters for our 'Wear Pink' day to raise awareness for breast cancer, on 18th October.

We designed our own posters and displayed these around school.


19.9.19- School Council Meeting

Today in our School Council meeting, we discussed our possible next event. We had a split decision between, wearing pink for breast cancer awareness and wearing yellow to raise awareness of mental health. 

There were some great arguments, but finally we voted and wearing pink for breast cancer awareness was the final decision.

Eco Council

This year we have introduced Eco Council to Margaret Wix. We have done this to raise awareness across the school so that the children take responsibility for their actions.


Our Eco Council meetings take place every two weeks in the school library and we have one representative per class who is passionate to make Margaret Wix greener.


A huge congratulations to our elected Eco council representatives:


Year 1:


Year 2:


Year 3:


Year 4:


Year 5:


Year 6:


28.11.19 - Eco Council Meeting

This week we made signs to remind people to turn lights off when they are not in use.

We will place these round the school as a fun reminder.



10.10.19 - Eco Council Meeting

Today in our Eco Council meeting, we assigned posters for saving energy and plastic reduction.

We discussed that the children need to make sure every classroom has got a plastic recycling box.

On 'No Pens Day' we discussed what event we could hold to raise awareness on the effect of recycling.

We decided that every child will be asked to bring in a piece of plastic and in the hall every piece of plastic will be joined together to make a sea creature. 


26.9.19 - Eco Council Meeting

Today in our Eco Council meeting, we discussed what areas of 'green living' we wanted to focus on.

The two areas agreed on were plastic reduction and energy saving.

We discussed what both these areas meant and what we could do to reduce our plastic and energy use.