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Feedback about our school

We value our partnership with all our stakeholders and seek feedback where possible to improve our practice and ensure that questions and queries are answered. Below is a collection of feedback from a variety of different events and visits over the course of 23-24. 



Parental Feedback

Phonics Workshop - October 2023

  • It was very detailed and gave lots of information about teaching phonics.
  • It was useful to know the structure on what is taught how and where to find the resources to investigate further.
  • It was useful to see all the different ways and activities you can use to help your child learn phonics.
  • Thanks for organising this.
  • All of the ideas of things we can do to help at home.
  • It was useful to have the pointers for where to find pronunciations and ideas of games and what to do at home.
  • Great parental involvement.
  • Another brilliant morning at Margaret Wix Primary School. It's great you are helping us to support our child in their phonics.
  • Everything was useful. Especially the way to make learning and phonics fun with games. Great to solidify home and school by doing the same things.
  • I am really grateful for the amount of information and photographs by email and Tapestry. This helps us to feel involved and connected.


Parent Consultations - October 2023 

At our parent consultations, we asked our parents and carers to fill out a survey about the school. As you can see below, this was overwhelmingly positive. This was completed by 100 of our 138 parents. 99 of these would recommend the school and 1 of the parents that responded did not know if they would recommend the school. We will not rest until 100% of our parents would recommend the school but we are extremely close and very happy with the results.


Please do remember to communicate with our parent/carer forum if there are any changes you would like to see. Alternatively contact our staff. We are always happy to help.


The comments received were lovely. Here is a snapshot of some of these:

  • Every teacher seems to love what they do. They are inspirational!
  • Margaret Wix shapes each child in a holistic way. My daughter enjoys every bit of it.
  • Margaret Wix shapes a child into an individual who is empathetic; thinks out of the box; intelligent and a good citizen.
  • I love that it is a small school with diverse cultures. The staff are very supportive.
  • Teachers are very inspiring.
  • My son is very happy - academically and socially!
  • I love what you are doing!
  • My daughter is very happy to get educated at this school.
  • I wanted to say the biggest thank you for everything you do.
  • She loves coming to school, learning new things and playing with her friends.
  • My daughter feels safe, thanks to the nurturing environment the teachers promote. We have been really impressed with how much she has been learning in just a short amount of time.
  • She enjoys learning and seeing her friends.
  • A lovely school - thank you so much.
  • We love Margaret Wix!
  • Mrs Gibbs is a fantastic and friendly headteacher.
  • Thank you for the warm atmosphere!
  • I am very happy I chose Margaret Wix for my child.
  • My children have been welcomed to the school perfectly.
  • It's a pleasure to be at Margaret Wix!
  • Amazing school with amazing teachers!
  • The teachers and staff are amazing!
  • My daughter feels safe at school and loves her lessons.
  • We love the school parliament.
  • Well done Margaret Wix for all the hard work.
  • Margaret Wix is a very good school.
  • I would highly recommend it to other parents.
  • It is a very supportive environment.
  • It's such a lovely school. Both of my children have been really happy and have done well.
  • My child absolutely loves it and speaks very highly of it. Thank you for nurturing my son.
  • My son is progressing.
  • My child is thriving and happy. The school has done a lot for her personal developments.
  • Keep up the good work! I
  • I feel that the staff at Margaret Wix have gone above and beyond for my son. Moving him here was the best decision I have ever made.
  • I am delighted with the school.
  • I feel part of a whole community
  • As a parent, I think it is a lovely school to a part of. All the children get a chance to shine as we see every week in Celebration Assembly.


Wondrous Writing Week - November 2023

Feedback from Wondrous Writing is flooding in. Please find some parental comments below:

  • I really enjoyed my session today. It was especially great to see how engaged my child was with the teacher when she delivered the lesson. Each child contributed during the delivery of the lesson and small adjustments were made so that my child could produce a fantastic piece of work. My child is thriving at Margaret Wix. Thank you for welcoming me into the classroom today.
  • It's a good insight into how they're are taught.
  • The teacher was animated in her delivery. Made me want to write about the Amazon!
  • Yes was great to see how the children are taught & what tasks they are set in class to complete.
  • I find these workshops really useful as an insight to how the children are taught. It’s great to see their writing at parent consultations but it’s great to see how they get to that result.
  • Yes. I got to see my daughter's involvement with the lessons and the teachers. I enjoyed her interest in finding ways to approach the solutions.
  • I enjoyed the session, teacher and teaching assistant keep helping and support students to listen to English in different ways.
  • Thank you very much again! I loved being able to come into my daughter's class and see her in action. I enjoyed seeing how Mrs Rowson gets all the children engaged in the task with fun things like Kung Fu punctuation.
  • Really well taught and fun for the children to keep them engaged and focused.
  • Looks like you're doing a great job. The school has a clear focus on reading/writing as the bedrock for wider academic achievement.
  • It was great. Lovely to see the interaction between the teacher and children, how the children built on each other's ideas. Personally, I enjoyed seeing my daughter's thought processes when deciding on specific words/phrases.
  • Yes, it was lovely to see how they work and what their room looked like.
  • Yes. It is helpful to get hands-on experience of how our daughter is being taught particular things so we can offer the best (and not contradictory!) support at home.


Open Classrooms - December 2023

What I love about my child's books/child's learning:

  • I loved seeing the work she has done and the pictures she has drawn.
  • The pictures and writing.
  • It is very creative and inspiring.
  • So impressed with my daughter's writing and sounding words out.
  • I loved seeing how amazingly she is progressing and the effort she puts in.
  • It's great to see what they have been up to.
  • I loved seeing her ideas down on paper. I also like seeing her ideas come together to create a final draft.
  • I loved seeing his progress.
  • I loved her creative, persuasive paragraph. It was a wonderful read and brought a big smile to my face.
  • I love seeing the progression from the start of the year, until now.
  • I love to see how he is learning.
  • She has learnt such a lot in the class and her handwriting is beautiful.
  • I love the fact that the children pick out their mistakes and correct them.
  • He is trying and succeeding with his work.
  • The progression of learning was observed.
  • I'm impressed how my daughter's work has improved since last year.
  • It is amazing to see my daughter's writing.
  • I love the way that everything looks better and better on every page.
  • She is really making an effort in her learning and studies.

What I have learnt through spending time in my child's classroom:

  • It looks like a happy and safe place to learn.
  • Stimulating environment.
  • She was so eager to explain everything to me!
  • What a lovely atmosphere in the classroom! She feels happy and inspired!
  • I can see he has all the support he needs.
  • I can see that the children engage well and are keen to show interest in their learning.
  • I can see how fantastic the teacher's relationship is with the children.
  • I have learnt that she really enjoys school and feels really passionate about her work.
  • I love to see how she spends her days surrounded by her friends.
  • I have seen how much he enjoys maths.
  • I've been able to see how my child's teacher gets all the children to engage by using different techniques.
  • I have seen areas of the classroom that I hadn't seen before and all the activities the children do.
  • I have seen how comfortable my daughter is here - absolutely fantastic!
  • I can see it is a kind and caring environment.

What my child could tell me about their learning:

  • She showed me the drawings of her family
  • She could tell me about all the different books they got to read each day.
  • He really enjoys it. He has learnt lots of different maths and reading.
  • She really loved the fireworks and Frozen themes. Writing is a top favourite.
  • She told me all about each area of the classroom and what she enjoy doing. She also told me about each page of her book.
  • My child told me their learning is fun!
  • She was proud to show me her maths books particularly.
  • She told me about different parts of her work from geography to science and different sections of these.
  • They always come home talking about school!
  • He was really proud of his maths work.
  • She told me she likes learning!
  • She said she finds the learning fun and interesting.
  • He told me all about what his teacher's marking means.
  • The progress that my child has made is very good.

What I love about Margaret Wix Primary School:

  • It is a happy and safe place.
  • Its diversity, Its kindness. Its inclusivity.
  • It's like a happy family.
  • The atmosphere is very friendly.
  • I can see that my child has the happiest time here.
  • Everything! I love the staff, the environment. I feel secure that my son is happy here.
  • Everything - literally!
  • The care and support - no matter what age.
  • I like the way it is a small school and everybody knows each other.
  • I love how inclusive the school is. I love how caring the staff are.
  • All the staff are kind.
  • I love the classroom set ups, the variety of work and the teachers are amazing! It feels so welcoming.
  • The wonderful teachers and the close community.
  • I enjoy how inclusive the school is with parents.
  • The attention my daughter (and all the children) get from the staff.
  • No-one goes unnoticed.
  • Caring. Loving. Inclusive.
  • I just love everything! I love how involved parents can be.
  • I love how safe and positive everyone and everything is here.
  • It is a very friendly and lovely school.
  • How much the teachers involved the parents in their child's learning.
  • All of it!
  • Everyone genuinely cares about the children.
  • Teachers are fantastic. My son is very happy at this school.

Please write below ways in which you think we could improve our parental engagement:

  • Nothing - I think it's great!
  • I don't think you can - it's so good!
  • No ideas at the moment!
  • Maybe clearer emails - with all information in one place .
  • It's amazing already!
  • I wouldn't really change anything.
  • I think it is already adequate.
  • I love these interactive sessions. Please continue!
  • I would love to see her school work more often.
  • More support on homework.
  • I think you are doing fab! No concerns!
  • Things on different days for working parents.
  • I think you have very good communication with parents.
  • Open classrooms has proved popular!
  • More feedback on a weekly basis.
  • Please continue with what you are doing.


Share-a-story morning - EYFS - January 2024

  • It was nice to see all the children together and the lesson strategies.
  • It's a fantastic activity to have bonding time. I loved the extension of activities after the story.
  • It was lovely to be in the setting and see how confident she is and the great activities too!
  • I am really happy with everything!
  • It was lovely to spend time seeing what he does in the classroom.
  • Thank you for always going above and beyond.
  • Lovely to see him reading one of his favourite books and how teachers interact with the children.
  • Watching his class and the routine every morning. It is lovely to be part of his class.
  • Thank you again for all that the team does for our children. You are such an encouragement to parents!
  • It was very good to see that everybody was very happy and excited about the story and all of the fancy dress. I really liked the setup.
  • I really enjoyed the activity we did together. I think it helped boost her confidence.
  • It's really a good chance to see them settling well.
  • It's really nice to see her play and enjoy her learning.
  • I am so proud of how far she has come since nursery.
  • It was lovely to see how the day starts and the routine.
  • Being allowed to stay for busy fingers and understanding how each team member interacts and supports our son.
  • We'd love more of these mornings so we can support him at home.
  • She feels it's a real treat to have me join her for this - showing me what she does!
  • Keep doing what you're doing Margaret Wix!
  • Loved seeing the morning routine. Really enjoyed the story and the children dressing up.
  • Thank you for having us in.
  • I love all the chances we have to come into school to see the children's learning.
  • Thank you for all you do!
  • It was lovely to hear the children all interacting well with the story.
  • Would love more phonics lessons for grown ups please.
  • I would love kids' yoga with parents!


Marvellous Maths Week - February 2024

During the course of the week, parents and carers have been invited to join us in our maths sessions and the comments have been brilliant and really useful. Here are a collection of these below:

  • I liked how teachers worked with the children.
  • I enjoyed seeing how the lesson was taught.
  • The class was focused and my child was well supported.
  • I like how teachers use different kinds of tools to present maths an make it more interesting.
  • I found it useful to know how fractions are taught at school and it helps parents to teach at home.
  • We use the website for maths magicians.
  • Happy with everything so far.
  • I loved making the 3d shapes with cocktail sticks and marshmallows.
  • I need to make more use of the website so I can help with the homework.
  • I would like more information on how maths is delivered.
  • I would like extra worksheets to revise what is covered in class.
  • It was good to see how our children are taught.
  • Our son's teacher has been amazing with so much support and guidance.
  • He is improving constantly.
  • I find the class page on the website very supportive.
  • Thank you to all the teaching staff. My child seems to be making good progress with a positive attitude.
  • Her class teacher has been brilliant. She has advanced a lot since starting at Margaret Wix and I am so pleased with her progress.
  • We would like TTR back please!
  • I like seeing my son grasp maths concepts.
  • I would like more homework with different difficulties.
  • Maybe some more challenges would be helpful. But I really think it's all great!
  • I loved seeing another great lesson from her teacher.
  • I would like a practical task for learning maths.
  • The teacher is amazing and very patient.
  • The teaching method is good!
  • I feel like my daughter might need a bit more support.
  • Maths is not my strong point so I like these insights.

Thanks for coming everyone and Miss Abbott will look carefully at your feedback forms and respond to any of the areas of development with actions as she sees fit.


Open Classrooms - February 2024 

Once again, we opened our classrooms after school, so our parents and carers could enjoy a look at the learning environment and their children's books. It was a lovely occasion. Please find some of the feedback below.

What I love about my child's books/child's learning:

  • Everything!
  • That she was happy to show me all she has learnt.
  • Seeing so much improvement.
  • Seeing the improvements!
  • I love all the different ways the teaching adapts to my child's needs.
  • My child's writing.
  • His improved writing and his learning.
  • All the interesting topics covered, and the descriptive writing, analysis and illustrations. They're wonderful!
  • The science is really good!
  • How brilliant her writing is!
  • So many fun things happening in each subject.
  • Very neat and full of wonderful information.
  • The improvement in his writing! Wow!
  • I really like that my child works hard and learns a lot of new things.
  • Seeing the progression in her writing including her awesome vocabulary, and her imaginative response to tasks.
  • The range of subjects covered.
  • In English, she has been using complex and tricky words while forming sentences.
  • In English, she has been able to understand and work on steps confidently while solving problems.
  • She explained to me what she has done so well.
  • What I have learnt through spending time in my child's classroom
  • There is so much support for my child which he really likes and is important for his progression.
  • More detail about what he is learning.
  • Its very calm and organised and that she is proud of her work.
  • Maths games I can play at home with her.
  • I know his learning progress.
  • That she has learnt such a deep level of understanding of all the subjects covered.
  • I learnt about the life cycle of a sunflower and my son was able to explain this.
  • I have learnt that my child really enjoy maths and history.
  • He can do it!
  • How much he is learning and how he enjoys learning!
  • There are so many resources catering for all children.

What my child could tell me about their learning:

  • All about the Sone Age - he really enjoys this!
  • She loved telling me about the Stone Age and English
  • When I see his work, I am happy!
  • Able to discuss topics - ability to show me a different perspective to learning.
  • What they have been learning about in science.
  • Just started a topic on mountains.
  • Their learning is fun and it is easy to learn!
  • She could talk me through what she had to do for each activity.
  • She explained every activity that she did.

What I love about Margaret Wix Primary School:

  • Everything!
  • Lovely, nurturing school.
  • Both my children feel very safe here.
  • Parental involvement
  • Small family feel with high standards and great experiences.
  • The friendly atmosphere.
  • The classroom decoration is wonderful.
  • Everything! You are the best and we really appreciate all the hard work.
  • How attentive the teachers are. They are so dedicated in ensuring the children have such a wonderful time here.
  • So many techniques to support my child.
  • Whenever I have a query, I always get a helpful answer from someone at school.
  • Full of love and support.
  • Love for learning!
  • Teachers! Community!
  • The headteacher and the teachers are kind and helpful
  • We are so happy to have chosen this school.
  • The teachers!
  • Everything!
  • The involvement of the school in shaping future leaders.
  • Great teachers!
  • Quality of teaching. Nurturing environment created by all staff. Pupils' engagement, positivity etc etc.
  • Very warm and welcoming.
  • The way in teaches each child to become a good citizen in the future.

Please write below ways in which you think we could improve our parental engagement:

  • Increased class visits.
  • I can't think of anything - you do so much already!
  • It's already very good!
  • So far, all good!
  • All good.
  • Continue all the good practice. Thank you.
  • I think everything is perfect!
  • Can we take the workbooks home to review?
  • Sorry can't think of anything - you're all doing enough!
  • I think it's great!
  • More "open classrooms" is appreciated.
  • I think all the things you do, is plenty!
  • Clearer on what things include nursery.
  • Happy with how it is. Tapestry is brilliant - seeing daily photographs makes me feel part of it.
  • Please continue with "open classrooms"
  • Thank you for all your wonderful and useful feedback. It is great to hear your appreciation of the school and the hard work of our staff.


Physical Development - EYFS - Share and Learn

On Thursday, the parents and carers of our littlest learners got the opportunity to engage with a P.E. lesson taught by Mr Milbourn. The comments below are overwhelmingly positive and we are thankful that our families have the opportunity to learn alongside their child. The learning journey should be a shared experience between school, child and home and we are so grateful that engagement at the EYFS Share and Learn sessions is so strong. Please read the comments below.

What did you find useful about this morning?

It's lovely to see him in his school environment really enjoying himself

Was lovely seeing what my daughter gets up to in P.E.

Seeing how fun P.E. is made for the children

To see how the P.E. teacher engages all level of activities within the group and gets them involved

It was lovely to see how my daughter is getting on in her class and how her physical development is coming along especially as historically co-ordination has been difficult for her

Seeing how much fun the children have

Seeing what she's like in school. Seeing how much they have in P.E. Understanding more about their school routines

Lovely to see a P.E. lesson in action. Interesting to see how children are kept interested

Great to see him participating in groups and how he does physical activity under instruction

Great exercise and socialising!

Fun, with interation.

In regards to parental engagement, what have you enjoyed most this year?

I loved the music session

Have really enjoyed being able to watch my daughter in class and to see how much she enjoys it.

Photographs and open sessions

All of it. It's been lovely how much we have been allowed in and involved

I have loved being made so welcome and getting to know the school. I feel we've been given lots of varied opportunities yo feel involved in our children's school journey

I really enjoyed the music class

I have enjoyed all of them to be honest!

The regular opportunity to see what the children do and how they get taught. Also, for my daughter to show me her space and world at school

The phonics workshop

Seeing what the children get up to in lessons

It's been brilliant. We feel so engaged. My son is so happy in school.

Any other comments...

Thank you for everything

Excellent teachers

Fab EYFS Team!

Brilliant Mr Milbourn!

Thank you very much

It's really nice to see how the children are developing in all areas

Thank you for al the amazing effort you put in. We are so grateful

Please slow things down - not ready for Reception be over!

Thank you for the opportunity to join in with my daughter's learning


Open Classrooms - April 2024


What I love about my child's books/child's learning

I love the variety of activities and to see what she has been doing

Such good progress!

See their progress and the learning progress

I love seeing the improvement in my child's handwriting.

Seeing the progress from the start of the year.

What I have learnt through spending time in my child's classroom

How she is progressing with her handwriting and thinking and learning.

Greater understanding of their progress.

A happy environment

I've noticed substantial progress in my child's skills like spelling and English.

I have learnt how confident he has become and he is taking in everything the teacher is telling him.

I have more understanding about my child's school work.

Understanding work that he is doing and seeing how I can do more to help him at home.

What my child could tell me about their learning

She explained what she had been learning in each subject giving specific details when asked.

Their favourite subjects and what they need support with.

My child speaks fondly about his days at school and is always happy to explain what he has learned.

Lots! His recollection of each subject is amazing.

They love English.

He enjoys maths.

I can see my child is building in confidence.

What I love about Margaret Wix Primary School

How happy the children are, how well looked after they are, and the amazing resources and the incredible staff.

Best school in St Albans.


Fab school in general - supportive, inclusive and well led.

Not only have they provided excellent support with my daughter's academic progress, they also provide lessons in life skills

Everyone is friendly. Teachers always have time for chats.

The personal and individual approach to children.

Teacher and parent work closely with each other.

Everything! Such a great school!

I love that parents are involved in the child's learning.

Please write below ways in which you think we could improve our parental engagement

Keep doing what you're doing - we love it!

I couldn't think of many more ways to be included.

Nothing to add.

It's already very good.

Would love more pictures of specific work on Tapestry.

Tapestry tags only for the children in them.




Outside Professionals' Feedback

Geography Deep Dive - November 2023

Linda Hardman, our schools effectiveness adviser, visited us to look at our geography provision. Please find snippets from her report below. I think you will agree that it reads brilliantly. Thank you to Mrs Watkins for leading the subject so brilliantly.


The school is advanced in its planning and implementation of a comprehensive geography curriculum for its learners. There is cohesion in progression from EYFS right through to the end of Key Stage 2. In addition there is a comprehensive plan for sustainability and outdoor learning which relates to geographical provision and opportunities in the school. End points for each phase of learning in geography have been clearly specified in terms of cultural capital, locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork. It is clear to see the explicit progression in sequential skills knowledge and understanding in geography through these summarised endpoints.

Children build upon prior learning in a systematic way. The deliberate teaching of geographical vocabulary is prioritised. This is exemplified in the geographical vocabulary document. This involves revisiting prior learning, undertaking retrieval tasks to reinforce the embedding of new vocabulary. It is highlighted in all the geography knowledge organisers which are also made accessible to the parents so that they can reinforce the learning at home. In the classroom visits we observed the subject blackboard being used to good effect to highlight the new and key vocabulary. It is also highlighted on geography displays across the school. The vocabulary progression document for geography specifies the vocabulary to be taught and the earlier acquired vocabulary to be embedded and reinforced. This is highly supportive to teacher planning and implementation of the geography curriculum.

The school is ambitious and has high expectations of all learners. Great care and attention is put on each learning environment to ensure it is accessible, engaging, supportive and enabling. All children are supported to achieve the same ambitious learning objectives in geography. Additional resources are provided where appropriate such as word banks, scaffolding and sentence stems. Teaching staff model responses skilfully – this was observed in the learning walk

Pupils discuss their learning in geography with confidence and accuracy. They can discuss how mountain ranges are formed and the science around tectonic plates. They understand climate adaptation. They demonstrate a wide range of knowledge of subject specific vocabulary relating to the topics they are covering in their learning. They remember topics they have previously learnt earlier in their learning. They enjoy developing their mapwork skills. They learn about climate change and the impact of this. They are curious about their learning and feel highly engaged with the curriculum choices that are taught. They value the retrieval tasks because this helps them to e their learning.

A learning walk around the school to see the geography curriculum in actions showed consistent high quality provision in both teaching and learning in geography. There is a consistency of approach observed in each class towards the teaching of geography. For example each class is using a subject blackboard which clearly identifies prior knowledge, cross curricular links and the new learning. Children are challenged in their learning and every second counts. Retrieval practice supports children to recognise connections in their learning. Teachers check consistently what children know and remember and use this formative assessment to build upon their prior learning. The deliberate and explicit teaching of vocabulary is observed to prioritised in every classroom and is sometimes reinforced through the specific retrieval tasks. Teaching assistants are observed to be highly skilled and supporting the learning in a highly effective manner. Questioning strategies prompt deeper thinking and reflection.

Great care is evidenced in the progressive planning and implementation of the geography curriculum. Staff are well supported by a highly skilled subject leader in the implementation of a high quality, relevant, ambitious curriculum that promotes high quality citizenship skills and personal responsibility. Learning environments are conducive to learning. Activities are well chosen and scaffolded skilfully to ensure all children, irrespective of barriers are enabled to achieve the same ambitious learning objectives. The scheme of choice has raised the pitch and subsequent level of achievement in geography. I was privileged to receive such a detailed insight of exceptional provision in geography in a primary school setting.


I think you will all agree this reads amazingly. The rest of the report was equally brilliant and it is lovely to receive such affirmation for all our hard work.


Science Deep Dive - January 2024

Linda Hardman (our school effectiveness adviser) visited our school and looked closely at our science provision across the school. Please find below, a snapshot of her comments:


The subject leader is a skilled and enthusiastic practitioner who is well placed to lead high quality standards in science teaching at the school. This was extremely well evidenced on this visit in every respect. The role of subject leader at Margaret Wix Primary School consists of providing a science curriculum that is engaging, exciting and subsequently pupils remember their learning. It is also about enabling all staff to feel confident and upskilled to meet the high expectations in the implementation of the curriculum. The subject leader models best practice for science recording and the impact of this could be observed in classrooms on this visit. The science leader ensures staff have ready access to resources required to deliver a high-quality science curriculum. Monitoring activities inform future planning through activities such as staff and pupil voice and book looks. Whole school and year group feedback is provided and this is tagged for the teaching assistants so that all can benefit and learn from the feedback. Careful and considered engagement takes place with the science link governor, who attended for the whole of this session.

The science scheme is Plymouth which has been personalised to “The Wix Way.” The school made the decision to implement this curriculum because they believe it to be an ambitious scheme providing children from early years through to year 6 with the opportunity to discover new learning by provoking curiosity, awe and wonder. Children learn through kinaesthetic approaches and this then embeds the learning in their memory. The curriculum is mapped for progression so that children build upon prior learning. Tier 3 subject specific vocabulary is explicitly taught as part of the science curriculum. This is very clearly mapped on the “Progression of Science Vocabulary “document and is reinforced on the science working walls, knowledge organisers and blackboards.

Pupils with SEND are supported to achieve the same ambitious endpoints. They access learning in a different way. Appropriate adaptations are made. Thoughtful use of science resources reinforce the learning. The barriers and solutions to science supports staff in strategies that enable adjustments to implementation of the science curriculum. There is a determination that every child will extend their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding, irrespective of any barriers to learning.

There are enrichment opportunities for science. This includes opportunities in assemblies where science learning is shared. Upper key stage 2 visit The Natural History Museum, key stage 1 pupils complete a local woodland walk seeking seeds, early years learners and year 1 pupils use the extensive school grounds for autumn and winter walks, using the outdoor area to consolidate their scientific leaning. A local scientific visitor enables children to learn more about minibeasts and habitats. Science week enables to the school to plan activities to achieve their sustainability goals and this includes well planned extensions to the pupils scientific learning.

Pupils are well placed to discuss their scientific learning at the school. Pupils are learning about plants and different parts of the flower. They know about the differences in sound and vibration from different objects. They have enjoyed learning about space and the different planets. They can measure the distance between the sun and planets and demonstrated a clear understanding of the size of planets. They enjoy designing and making periscopes and have knowledge about light saving lightbulbs and lasers.

Visits to classrooms across the school provided evidence of a high quality, inspirational science curriculum that is being implemented with rigour. The impact of the well-chosen activities extends the scientific learning for all children from entry to exit in the school. There is consistently high-quality teaching of science in every classroom at this school. The curriculum chosen is ambitious in content and high expectations are communicated in the implementation of the curriculum in every classroom.

The website representation of the scientific learning is of exceptional quality. Communication is engaging and clear and we gain insights through the photographic content of the exciting scientific opportunities the children are able to access.

The provision for science observed at Margaret Wix School is exceptional. Every element triangulates in a highly effective manner. This includes the quality of planning, teaching and learning, the specific teaching of subject specific vocabulary, the high level of ambition enacted in the classroom to ensure all children, including those with SEND or other barriers to learning, are supported to achieve the ambitious endpoints. Children progress their learning significantly and a high level of challenge is evidenced. The quality of information on the school website is highly robust, tailored to the audience and is a model of excellence to all other schools. The subject leader and the headteacher drive ambition in learning and their high expectations ensure that all children are supported to achieve the highest standards in their science learning.


Thank you to Mrs Ralph, who leads science brilliantly across the school. Thank you to all our other staff too who make sure that science is taught amazingly to ever year group and that the children at Margaret Wix are inspired each day by things that happen in the classroom. I am really very lucky to have the staff that I have at Margaret Wix Primary School and I am reminded of that every day by what I see going on across the school.

Rachel Macfarlane HFL Lead Adviser for Underserved Learners - previously Director of Education Services (February 2024)

Our school was selected by leaders at HFL Education to share the work we have done over the past few years to develop our curriculum, especially with regards to equality, diversity and inclusion, after taking part in the Great Representation Programme. Mrs Gibbs, Miss Abbott and Pupil Parliament representatives delivered a presentation to senior leaders from Hertfordshire schools who are taking part in the Great Representation Programme this year, as we did last year. After presenting for half an hour, we received great applause and feedback. Rachel Macfarlane, who leads the programme gave us the following written feedback:

"Your presentation totally stole the show yesterday! How amazing your pupils are! Everyone was super impressed and inspired. Lots of delegates said that they have taken away practical ideas for immediate implementation in their schools. You are doing such great work and having such wide-reaching impact. I hope you are proud of your work."


English Teaching and Learning Advisor from HfL (March 2024) 

After seeing our Facebook post about year 6’s English project, English teaching and learning advisors from HfL got in touch and asked for permission to share it in their subject leaders network and on their website. They said, “We really were blown away by the quality of writing and the purposeful opportunity provided so that children write for a real, authentic reader. Well done to all involved.” Click here to see the original post for a glimpse at the great work.

Governor's Feedback

At Margaret Wix Primary School, we have a well-organised and thought-out annual programme to ensure our governors get into school and see learning taking place. The governors also receive termly updates including pupil outcomes. Individual subject action plans are also shared with the governors. Additionally, our safeguarding governor attends school regularly as part of our fortnightly safeguarding meetings, working with our designated safeguarding leads, to ensure that she is abreast of any current situations, can offer advice and can be a critical friend to ensure that robust procedures are in place. 


Please find some extracts from some of the visit forms below. 


Computing Visit - January 2024

As usual, Mrs Arnott demonstrated excellent knowledge of and enthusiasm for her subject

- The Teach Computing syllabus continues to prove an excellent choice to the school and it is being well implemented, with clear progression from year to year

- There is definitely a greater awareness of and focus on computing as a subject within the school, when I first took on the subject link role. The Digital Leads will continue that positive progress. 


Science Deep Dive - January 2024

Everywhere we went pupils were engaged, excited and happy to articulate their knowledge. Staff were well prepared and resources used were of high quality.


PHSE Visit - December 2023

The children are helped to see the school values through the teaching of PSHE curriculum, even in EYFS.

Even though oracy is a relatively new introduction the children are already becoming confident in challenging or building on the views of others.

The school has continued its subscription to Jigsaw so we have access to the parent portal and to the updates as they are added.


Safeguarding Visit - November 2023

Sense of unity in the team with the SCR looking in good order.


SEN Visit - October 2023

The SRP unit is looking good and nearly ready for children to arrive, just awaiting chairs.

The school was very calm and all children were engaged in their learning.

Children in reception were happy to speak to a visitor in their classroom.


English Visit - October 2023

Lots of energy from Miss Pott to make the Voice21 programme a success.

Clear understanding of where the children are and where help is needed.

Results are coming through from all the positive efforts being made.

Children's Feedback



Regular pupil voice surveys are carried out across all subject areas. Please find some of the children's comments below.