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Online Safety

Latest Online Safety Newsletter - Autumn 2022

What is Online Safety?

  • Safe guarding young people (and adults) in the digital world
  • Learning, understanding and using new technologies in a positive way
  • Adults being educated to be able to support and help young people
  • Not about restricting children, but educating them about the risks as well as the benefits, so they can feel confident and happy online


Key Advice For Parents/Carers:

  • Talk to your child and understand how they are using the internet and their phone,
  • Use safety tools & parental controls-if you are not sure how contact your service provider
  • Please note tools are not always 100% effective
  • Your child is just as likely to be a bully as to be a target. Be alert to your child being upset after using the internet/phone-they may be secretive, change relationships with friends
  • Remind your child not to retaliate
  • Keep any evidence of cyberbullying emails, online conversations, texts etc to show the school/police
  • Report the cyberbullying

Parent and Carer guidance

At Margaret Wix all the children learn how to stay safe online. We follow a simple set of rules:

There are a number of useful websites which may be of interest to our families to ensure your children stay safe on-line: 


02 / NSPCC helpline: 0808 800 5002


POSH - Professional Online Safety Helpline: / 0844 381 4772


Zipit app: