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Religious Education


At Margaret Wix Primary School we follow The Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE 2017-2022. It is a statutory requirement that all children from Reception to Year 6 participate in Religious Education lessons.


At Margaret Wix our main aim is to provide high quality religious education for all pupils.


Teaching will:

  • Provide a systematic knowledge and understanding about Christianity, principal religions and world views
  • Enable pupils to become religiously and theologically literate
  • Assist pupils in gaining shared human understanding, developing personal identity and searching for meaning in the context of evaluating different viewpoints


The Principal Religions your child will learn about:

  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism   


At Key Stage 2 children will also get the opportunity to learn and discuss non-religious world views.


The Herts Agreed Syllabus for RE sets out eight key areas which aims to develop knowledge and understanding of sources of wisdom and their impact whilst exploring personal and critical responses.


The eight key areas of learning:

  • Beliefs and practices
  • Sources of Wisdom
  • Symbols and actions
  • Prayer, Worship and Reflection
  • Identity and belonging
  • Ultimate questions
  • Human Responsibility and Values
  • Justice and Fairness


Pupils will cover all eight key areas across each key stage.


Margaret Wix is an inclusive school. We promote respect, inclusivity and tolerance in all areas of school life. Through our RE curriculum we aim to celebrate key religious events and festivals for all principal religions. 


Festivals Calendar: