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Religious Education



At Margaret Wix Primary School we follow The Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus with the support of Discovery RE. It is a statutory requirement that all children from Reception to Year 6 participate in Religious Education lessons. 


At Margaret Wix our main intention is to provide high quality religious education for all pupils. 

What does a religious scholar look like at Margaret Wix Primary School?

  • An outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge.
  • A thorough engagement with a range of ultimate questions about the meaning and significance of existence.
  • The ability to ask significant and highly reflective questions about religion and demonstrate an excellent understanding of issues related to the nature, truth and value of religion.
  • A strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere together.
  • Exceptional independence; the ability to think for themselves and take the initiative in, for example, asking questions, carrying out investigations, evaluating ideas and working constructively with others.
  • Significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity, which are shown in their responses to their learning in RE.
  • The ability to link the study of religion and belief to personal reflections on meaning and purpose.
  • A wide knowledge and deep understanding across a wide range of religions and beliefs. 

Intent – why are we teaching this?

At Margaret Wix it is our intention to use Discovery RE (which supports us in following the Herts Agreed Syllabus for Education), alongside teachers’ expertise, to set high standards of teaching and learning in RE, enabling pupils to reach their potential in the subject.


Our RE Curriculum will:

  • Provide a systematic knowledge and understanding about Christianity, principal religions and world views
  • Enable pupils to become religiously and theologically literate
  • Assist pupils in gaining shared human understanding, developing personal identity and searching for meaning in the context of evaluating different viewpoints
  • Enable and encourage pupils to share and celebrate their own religious beliefs and customs with their class and the wider school community
  • Encourage children to be inquisitive and respectful about others beliefs and customs
  • Promote respect, inclusivity and tolerance of the rich and diverse community at Margaret Wix and the wider world.


The Margaret Wix community is diverse and we understand the vital need for representation within our teaching. We ensure diversity across the curriculum: careful thought and planning has gone into selecting whose stories we tell and how they are told. Our curriculum has been re-examined and we have endeavoured to reduce the western bias. We strive to ensure that BAME pupils see themselves reflected in our curriculum, all year round. We call our personalised curriculum ‘The Wix Way’. In RE, this includes learning about the six principal religions and comparing and contrasting beliefs and practices.


Implementation – how are we teaching this?

At Margaret Wix pupils are taught Religious Education weekly but sometimes it may be delivered through a class topic, whole school themed events or a class trip. Teachers plan from the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2023-2028, using Discovery RE for guidance.

We use the non-statutory guidance ‘Religion for Today and Tomorrow’ to support planning. From Reception to Year 6, all pupils at Margaret Wix will follow a coherent and systematic study of the principal religion of Christianity across each key stage. All pupils will then be introduced to the other five principal religions represented in Great Britain by the end of key stage 2.


The other principal religions being taught at Margaret Wix are: -

  • Hinduism
  • Sikhi
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism
  • Islam


All children across the school will cover these eight key areas of learning:-

  • Beliefs and practices
  • Prayer, worship and reflection
  • Sources of wisdom
  • Symbols and actions
  • Identity and belonging
  • Ultimate questions
  • Human responsibility and values
  • Justice and fairness


Impact – what is the effect on the pupils?

The children at Margaret Wix Primary will:

  • Have a sound knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions they have learnt about
  • Develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world around them
  • Enjoy learning about and celebrating their own and other people’s beliefs and customs
  • Show respect and tolerance to others and their religious or non-religious beliefs

Subject on a page

Margaret Wix is an inclusive school. We promote respect, inclusivity and tolerance in all areas of school life. Through our RE curriculum we aim to celebrate key religious events and festivals for all principal religions. 


Festivals Calendar:



Aspirations For The Future

Pupils develop an understanding of how subjects and specific skills are linked to future jobs.
Here are some of the jobs you could aspire to do in the future as a Religious Scholar:

  • Priest
  • Chaplain
  • Member of Parliament
  • Journalist
  • Advice Worker
  • Charity fundraiser
  • Youth worker

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