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Pupil Leadership at Margaret Wix Primary School

What is The Margaret Wix School Parliament? 


At Margaret Wix, we have an elected School Parliament.  Each class elects two children to be their class representatives. The representatives are there to be the voices of the class and attend School Parliament meetings.  


The School Parliament meet every half term and discuss ideas for improving the school. They also try to raise money for good causes ably helped by the Charity Committee. 


If you are a member of Margaret Wix Primary School and you have an idea that you would like the School Parliament to discuss, then write it on a post-it note and put it on the display board by the front office or in your box in your classroom.


The Prime Minister - Thomas

The Deputy Prime Minster - Isabella

Meet our MPs

Meet the MPs from Year 2, 3, 4 and 5

What is a House Captain?


These are our four school houses and below you can meet the 2 year 6 children who are house captains from each house. The house names were chosen by our children in September 2021 as they have been and continue to be inspired by these individuals. 

Greta Thunberg

Sir David Attenborough (white)

Marcus Rashford

Sky Brown

The main role of the house captains is to inspire and lead their whole school time throughout the year in sporting events and inter-house activities such as bake-offs, photography and art.

Sir David Attenborough

Greta Thunberg

Sky Brown

Marcus Rashford

What is a Charity Committee?

Our Charity Committee is headed by a child from year six who helps to organise a range of charitable events from Food Bank collections to Red Nose Day, as well as everything in-between. They lead a small team of year five committee members. 


Reading Ambassadors

This half term has been a great one for promoting reading at Margaret Wix: we have appointed 10 new reading ambassadors! Every child, in school, had the opportunity to apply for the role; they had to fill out an application form to tell us why they would be a perfect candidate. The chosen applicants came up with some fantastic and innovative ideas on how to further promote a love of reading across the school. Our reading ambassadors have already begun doing just that: they have created reading scrapbooks; tidied the school library and class libraries; spoken to visitors about how reading is a top priority at Margaret Wix and some have even read to other parents and children at early morning library club.  We look forward to updating you soon with further achievements from the ambassadors.

Take a look at our inspirational reading ambassadors below: 


Dione and Isabelle 


Zain and Allie

Adnilo and Demi-Rae


Gisele and Ayat


Josiah and Veera


Digital Leaders

For the first time at Margaret Wix, we have appointed Digital Leaders!  Our team of Digital Leaders are a group of children from Years 3-6 who have an interest in all things Computing!  There were lots of applicants and these are the lucky 4 that have been chosen this year.  The main aim of our Digital Leaders is to inspire young people to encourage others to use technology in a positive way in the school or local community. 

This year, their jobs might be to:

  • Test and review new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Set up ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers.
  • Support teachers in using ICT in the classroom.



The Young Citizenship Challenge


At Margaret Wix Primary School, children in Key Stage Two are encouraged to take part in the Junior Citizenship Challenge, Each child is given a booklet with a variety of different tasks listed in it from running a club to performing acts of kindness for someone in the community. The challenge will increase use of our five learning powers as well as ensuring our children become citizens of the future and the present, whilst learning to see something through from beginning to end - a very important skill in today's society. If they complete all of the tasks for their year group, they will be invited to an evening towards the end of the academic year where they will be presented with an award, and given the opportunity to enjoy drinks and snacks. In addition to this, one lucky pupil will be chosen to be headteacher for the day and work alongside Mrs Gibbs for a day of leadership across the school.


Margaret Wix - the small school with high aspirations! 

Some amazing events organised by our YOUNG CITIZENS. Keep looking for updates!

Well done to all our Junior Citizen Champions for 2022.2023! Giving back to others is so important and we are so proud that our children are great citizens for today and the future. It was lovely to see Veera win the prize of being headteacher for the day! And everyone seemed to enjoy the party to celebrate!

Get involved next year everyone!

Headteacher for the Day was Veera