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In year 6, the expectation is that children know and are able to spell words that have more complex spellings with increasing accuracy. Spelling forms part of the teacher assessment of the standard of each child's writing at the end of KS2. It is important that every child is able to correctly use and spell a variety of the words listed on the 'Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum Spelling Words' document. We ensure children have opportunities to do this in class, but it would be worth practising these at home too.

Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum Spelling Words

Spelling is tested at the end of KS2 as part of the SPAG SATs test. This tests children on spelling patterns and rules that they will have learned throughout KS2. The image below shows the words children have been tested on in the past five SATs tests and is colour coded according to the rule or pattern. Focusing on a different rule each week at home and ensuring your child can spell the words within that category would be useful. Additionally, finding a few other words that follow the same pattern and practising spelling them within full sentences would ensure that children take their SATs test feeling as confident as possible.