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Margaret Wix Primary School

Sustainability at Margaret Wix

At Margaret Wix, we have a dedicated team of Eco Warriors and Environment Ministers in our school parliament who work brilliantly as a team to better our school, it's environment and the local community. They really are leading our sustainable cause in an incredible way!


Since September, we have achieved SO MUCH in our bid towards becoming a more Eco-conscious and sustainable school:


  • We stopped using blue paper hand towels and replaced them with a class set of hand towels. These are washed (on an eco cycle) each week in our SRP kitchen. 
  • We became an Eco School and won the Eco Schools award with distinction! Our certificate is proudly displayed in the school reception. 
  • We took part in the St Albans SustFest and won a certificate for our gardening work; de-weeding a huge section of our garden, laying new soil and planting a new flower garden.
  • We have a new wildflower meadow that has been planted near our allotment which will encourage biodiversity.
  • We sourced 200 new saplings to be planted over the summer holidays - thank you for this Mrs Jeffries! 
  • We won a grant for an apple tree orchard to be planted on our school grounds.
  • We have a weekly gardening club that takes care of our allotment, planting and growing vegetables which we use in our school kitchen.
  • We held a whole school art exhibition on different types of turtle-themed art and all of the money raised was donated to turtle conservation.
  • We completed a whole school English unit on Sustainability, where each class looked at a different sustainability-themed book and shared this learning in an assembly. 
  • We met with Green Party candidate, Simon Grover, to discuss all things sustainable in and around St Albans and what each of us could do to lead more sustainable lives.




We are all so proud of the hard work and focus of not just our Eco Warriors and Environment ministers, but actually ALL of the children here at Margaret Wix. 


Next year will see even more sensational and sustainable achievements! Including:


  • A half-termly sustainability focus across the whole school and school community
  • Our very own WixSustFest where we will invite parents, carers and wider community into school to demonstrate exactly what we do! 
  • Support and celebration of One Tree Day in school