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Public sector equality duty

A Celebration of Culture at Margaret Wix

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A Celebration of Culture

Mrs Gibbs and Miss Abbott have taken part in equality, diversity and inclusion training this year called Great Representation, which inspired our Celebration of Culture but has also had a huge impact on our school generally - this can be seen in the video above.


International Week 2023 was a huge success and involved: trips to Christ Church; watching a French play; learning about different countries and cultures, and more! The week culminated in a fantastic celebration during which children shared what they had learned, our choir sung a song about working together to be the change we hope to see in the world, parents and carers contributed to an incredible international food fair, and displayed in our outdoor gallery were collages created by every child in school that reflect their culture.


Attending the event were Rachel Macfarlane (Director of Education in Hertfordshire) and Dr Michael Catchpool (School Effectiveness Advisor) who said it was “such an uplifting end to the week” and that they were “truly moved to see the impact of the Great Representation programme on this wonderful school community.”


Hertfordshire Early Years Advisor, Natasha Da Silva, also said it was “inspirational” and “an honour to join the staff and families to celebrate.”


At Margaret Wix Primary School, we pride ourselves on including all of our special and unique children in all that they do and all that they are, through our expert teaching, our school trips and visitors and the resources that we use. At our school, we are really lucky to have such a diverse community who speak lots of different languages.  Every year we celebrate our fantastic school community during International Week during the summer term.  Each year we focus on different countries  and cultures from across the world and the children learn about the different cultures, faiths and languages spoken internationally.


Did you know that you can also translate our website into over 90 different languages? See the 'Select language' tab on the bottom right of the website and select a language.




That’s Me - Book Week, March 2022


At Margaret Wix, we want all of our children to feel that they, their families and their peers are represented in the texts they are exposed to and the lessons they learn. As a school, we promote No Outsiders: everybody equal, everybody included. 


During Book Week, every class studied texts that illustrated this message. Through the week, we read stories that promoted gender expression; smashed gender stereotypes; appreciated visible and silent disabilities; included families of all different setups and showcased influential and inspiring people of colour throughout history.

Below, is an inspiring message from one of our Year 5 students: a note to Julien, the protagonist in the text ‘Julien is a mermaid,’ by Jessica Love. A picture book/story about a young boy who experiments with fashion and truly breaks down gender stereotypes. #nooutsiders



No Outsiders: everybody equal, everybody included

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Dual Language Books available to borrow in the library

Encourage your child to bring home a book in the language you speak at home so you can enjoy a book together.

In our school library, we have a wide collection of books capturing positive role models from every walk of society. As a fully inclusive school, these books have been carefully selected to celebrate everyone with all their unique and special qualities. Each class has a library session every week and is given the opportunity to read, browse and borrow books. Our hope is that every child in the school can find inspiration in literature and pick up a book and say, "That's me!"