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Firetips (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to EYFS


Our class is called Firetips and we are taught by Ms S (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Ralph (Thursday-Friday).

Firetips are supported by Miss Surridge, Miss Rossiter and Miss Lefort.


Things to remember:


LIBRARY - Your child's library session will be on a Monday. During this session your child will be able to bring a new book home every week, if their previous book has been returned. Please read and share this book with your child to continue to develop a love of reading at home. Books must then be returned on a MONDAY MORNING for your child to re-take a new one.


P.E- Our physical development sessions will be on a TUESDAY and a THURSDAY. Please ensure your child comes already dressed in the appropriate clothing and footwear, for these sessions. Your child will then stay in their P.E kit for the remainder of the day, so please think carefully about the weather. Clothing includes; black shorts, house coloured T-shirt for spring and summer and red trousers and a red jumper for the colder months and for any outdoor sessions. 


Music- Our music session will be taught by Mr Mitchell on a Wednesday morning.

Key dates:


Friday 16th December 10am- EYFS Nativity. Refreshments and social afterwards for all.

Tuesday 20th December 2022- End of term, school finishes at 1:30pm


Thursday 5th January 2023- Children return to school

Thursday 19th January 2023- Trip to St Alban's Library

Thursday 26th January 2023- Share a story morning (8:40-9:30)

Friday 10th February 2023- Break up for half term


Autumn 2


The festive holidays arriving so soon, time has flown by. The children are getting bigger, their writing is becoming clearer and their reading is becoming more confident. 


This half of term saw lots of new challenges and experiences for Firetips class and it has being a delight to share these moments with them; We started our Nativity and will have performed it to the whole school and our grown-ups before the week is out. We took a local bus to town to complete our first trip out of school at 'St Albans Cathedral.' We had the pleasure of watching the pantomime which visited our school, which was so much fun! We participated in a whole school music concert where we sang alone and with the whole school, all after eating Christmas/Festive lunch with our friends.

As well as all of this we have continued to develop our skills as good learners and friends by being kind and showing respect for one another and completed lots of learning in class too:

We followed instructions to create our own soup as we read ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and we wrote our own potions and sequenced a story as we read ‘Room On The Broom.’ We then focussed on the past as we explored ‘Remembrance Day’ and received an old rocking horse in class from a boy called Max to explore toys from the past. We then followed some of our children’s interests and planned a week on ‘Frozen.’ During this week we wrote coronation invites and linked Science as we worked out which season wass best for Olaf, using because in our writing. We then moved on to a favourite story of Mrs Ralph as we read, ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman.’ This was an exciting week as we wrote and posted our letters to Santa and created our own story maps of the story. Last week we finished our focus stories off with ‘The Snowman.’ The children loved the animation and made the most amazing zig-zag books, inspired from the book and animation.

In Maths we have explored addition and subtraction, subsidising and more and less. Please do continue to have a go at the ideas that we shared during our maths workshop, on how to make maths happen at home.


In Understanding Of The World we explored celebrations, as we hunted and explored everything Spiders and minibeasts- linking to Halloween. Created and explored fake snow linking to winter and created season calendars for our grown-ups linking with Expressive Art and Design


The end of this week we have our class party to celebrate what a fantastic term this has been and reflect on all the things that we have achieved as individuals, as well as a class. We would like to thank all the grown-ups for their continued hard work alongside jobs and responsibilities to be present where they could be and help with anything that was needed (volunteering on trips, helping with costumes and attending our share and learn sessions and our performances), we are extremely grateful for all of you. Next term we have our trip to St Albans Library and our 'Share a story morning.' Please don't forget to sign up to your favourite story for you and your child to enjoy during the morning.

Autumn 1


Well, what can I say, what an amazing half term to kick start our year. They say time flies when you are having fun and doesn't it just? It has been an absolute delight to watch all the children settle, create new friendships (that will hopefully last a lifetime) and develop as a group too. From staying for their first lunch to this evening, staying at school for a movie night without their grown-ups, just shows how much they have grown as individuals this term.


So, lets address what have we achieved in 7 weeks...


In Literacy we have explored the following texts:

* Funny bones

* The little acorn

* The little red hen

* We're going on a leaf hunt

* The leaf man


From these texts we have sequenced stories, created our own zig-zag books, added speech to images, wrote lists and labelled.


As well as fiction, we have explored a variety of non-fiction as we learnt about 'people who help us and Autumn.' The children have developed knowledge of phonics and have begun Phase 2, which they are doing really well with. So far, we have addressed, 's, a, t, p, i, n m, d, o, g, c, k, ck, e, l, u, r.' You can keep practicing these sounds at home by calling the sound out and writing them in exciting ways. A few examples being chalk outside, in flour, in shaving foam during bath time or even creating sound baskets as you gather things that start with a particular sound. As always, please do keep reading and sharing books at home. Phonics play is a great resource for phonic games. 'Reading egg' and 'Teach your monster to read' are other great sites (charges do apply to these though).


In Maths we have addressed many areas:

* 2D shapes

* Patterns

* Recognising and naming numbers

* Sequencing numbers

* Subisting (which we continue in Autumn 2)

* The story of number


It is really important that your child understands the concept of number and what '4' means for example. We will explore this concept more in our parent/carer maths workshop so please do attend, there will be free refreshments which is always nice. Topmarks and ICT games have a great variety of games that the children can access. However, do trust me when I say a good board game and a dice can provide your child with such rich mathematical learning, a board game a day during half term will assist with subitising and number knowledge hugely.


Our WOW moments that have assisted with Understanding of the world and Communication and Language have been:

* Baking bread

* A trip into forest school

* A visit from the Dentist

* A visit from a Nurse

* A visit from Petal the pony

* Quidditch day

* Autumn walk


Expressive Art and Design has been explored through a variety of art (linked to the week's story or theme) our home corner and amazing farm shop as the children took on roles in their play.


Physical development is occurring each day, in and out of class but also through our P.E sessions. 


But most of all, each of the areas mentioned above and ALL of the amazing things that we have been doing have Personal, Social and Emotional at the centre of it. This is key, not only in EYFS but throughout our whole lives. We take great care in ensuring personal and social skills are addressed daily and that we build resilient individuals that try hard and develop the knowledge on how to manage their emotions.


So, what will next term bring? For me I'm hoping for that Golden dustpan and brush! I jest. I look forward to the fun on our trip to the Cathedral, happy memories made at our share & learn and tears at our Nativity as the children shine in each of their parts.


Thank you for a great first half term and all the hard work that happens at home, we do appreciate all you do. 


Have a wonderful half term, do share some highlights on Tapestry.


Mrs Ralph, Ms S, Miss Rossier and Miss Surridge.