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Cardinals (Year 3/4)

Welcome to Cardinals Class page. We are taught by Mr Milbourn and supported by Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Jeffries. 

P.E. lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children should come into school wearing their PE kit on Tuesday and Thursday. There is no need to bring a change of clothes. Please ensure the children are wearing kit that complies with the school uniform policy in order that they can take part successfully. 


Cardinals Class will visit the school library on Friday afternoons. The children will have an opportunity to change their sharing book and their practise book. Please ensure the children bring both books to school on Fridays. It is expected that children read for a minimum of 10 minutes daily and this should be recorded in their reading record. Please visit the reading star at the top of this page where you find lots of useful information about how you can support you child when reading at home.

Home learning will be sent home on Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. As well as reading for 10 minutes daily, we would encourage the children to use TTRockstars. This online tool will help the children to improve their times table knowledge. Please see the Maths star at the top of the page for more information. Home learning will involve some spelling practise and other questions or tasks that are directly related to learning that is taking place in class. Home learning should take no longer than 30 minutes each week. Thank you for your support.

Autumn term 2


Cardinals class have enjoyed a fantastic second half to the autumn term and we have seen motivated, hard working and enthusiastic children throughout. We have already enjoyed some special events including a wonderful day at Capel Manor Gardens, exploring living things and their habitats as well a workshop with a published poet and author. We enjoyed welcoming you into school to sample our wondrous writing and we hope you enjoyed our sharing assembly. There are lots more special events to look forward to in the final week before the Christmas holidays and the children must remember to wear their dancing shoes for the final day of term.

In English we have worked hard to develop our vocabulary this term and focused on finding alternative words with the same meaning to improve our writing. The children have produced, amongst other things, a persuasive speech based on the book 'The Spider and the Fly', a free verse poem and a narrative based on their own research. We also had great fun writing and publishing our own books based on 'Mini Rabbit Not Lost' by John Bond. It has been great to see so many children receiving certificates for their achievements in reading. Ten minutes at home every day makes such a difference. Well done everyone.

Our R.E. lessons have focused on the nativity and we have been thinking about what part is the most significant for Christians. We have explored symbols and how they represent and give meaning to an object, person or place. We have also thought about why Christians give and receive gifts during the Christmas celebrations. In PSHE, our topic this half term has been 'Celebrating Difference'. We have had meaningful discussions about the differences and similarities between, ourselves, our families and communities. We have explored several scenarios that involved bullying and discussed how we as individuals can make ourselves and others feel better if we are anxious or sad. The children have been very respectful and contributed to these lessons with enthusiasm. 


Geography lessons have been great fun this half term as we explored changes o our local environment. We have looked at the changes that have occurred in our local area and beyond as a result of human impact or nature. We even found a very early photo of our school hall. The children have enjoyed thinking about their local area and the changes that have taken place. We spent time looking at how WWI affected St Albans and what times were like for school children during this years. In P.E. the children have worked hard to improve their tag rugby knowledge and skills. We hope to show them off in a whole school event in the new term and our new sports coach, Mr Tate, has been very impressed with progress. 


Everyone on the Cardinals team would like to thank you all for your support through the whole of the Autumn Term. Our classroom is full of joy. We wish everyone a restful break over the Christmas holidays and we hope you are able to spend quality time with those who are the most important to you. We very much look forward to seeing everyone again in 2023!

Maths lessons have seen us explore multiplication, proportion and geometry. We are now starting to introduce a lot more worded problems into our learning and this means the children often have multi-step questions to solve. They have shown how they are able to draw on their previous learning in the first half of the term to select the method that they think best helps them to solve the problem. We have used a range of equipment and visual aids to help us. We are now starting to see more of the children practise their times table at home. Keep it up!


In Science, our topic this half term has been 'Forces and Magnets'. We have been able to conduct a number of experiments in the classroom and this has helped us to think scientifically. The children have recorded their experiments using the scientific model and have enjoyed various activities such as turning a paperclip into a compass and moving a toy car without touching it. We have also been able to think about the work of important scientific figures such as Isaac Newton and John McAdam.

Autumn Term 1


Thank you for all your support during the first half of the Autumn Term. The Year 3 children have settled fantastically into the routines of key stage two and all the children have contributed to a positive learning environment for their new classmates.


In English, we have already based our writing on three different texts. We have worked hard to master techniques to extend sentences, provide detail and use descriptive vocabulary. The children have worked hard to transfer their spoken ideas to the page and we are already seeing progress in handwriting and spelling. We have used a whole class approach to guided reading and the children are analysing their weekly text, retrieving information and learning new vocabulary (and how to expand it) with dictionaries and thesauruses. It has been wonderful to see so many children reading regularly at home and in class. Exposure to different texts and authors will help to expand vocabulary.


In Maths, the children have re-visited place value and started to think about applying different techniques to solve addition and subtraction equations. They have been exposed to a variety of challenges and it is great to see many of them making their own choice about which technique is most helpful to solve a problem. Please keep encouraging the children to use TTRockstars at home. We will be using this tool more in class after half term but times tables knowledge is very important in key stage 2.


In Science, we have been studying the topic of ‘Living things and their habitats’. The children have applied a range of skills including observing, classifying and recording data. We have thought about how animals adapt to their environment and what traits they need, why food chains are important and how humans impact the habitats of other animals. We are very much looking forward to our trip to Capel Manor Gardens after the half term break to explore this topic further.


In History, we have explored how Stone Age humans lived in Britain and how their lives changed throughout that period. The children have enjoyed learning about artefacts from that time and we had a lot of fun inventing Stone Age and modern day anachronisms. In R.E. this term, the children have incorporated learning about Buddhism while asking questions about happiness. We had a wonderful debate about how we might use one million pounds! P.E. lessons have focused on hand skills this term and it has been great to see the children further develop qualities such as teamwork, communication and decision making in these sessions. Quidditch day was definitely the highlight! Our computing lessons have been varied and fun this half term. We have explored the topic of ‘The Internet’, learning about how data moves around the internet and who owns it. We have used laptops to explore web pages within websites and look at common features of websites to help us navigate them.


We hope you have a wonderful half term break and all of the Cardinals team looks forward to welcoming the children back to class on 31st October.