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Parent/Carer Forum

What is the Parent/Carer Forum?


The Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views, concerns and make suggestions for improvement. 


The aims of the Parent Forum will be to:


· work together to improve the education provided for our children

· share information, knowledge and skills

· meet in a mutually supportive environment

· further improve communications between parents/carers and staff/governors


The parent forum does not have any statutory responsibilities, duties or powers in the school.


Who can be part of the parent forum?


Any parent/carer of children currently at Margaret Wix Primary School is welcome to join any parent forum meeting.  At times other members of the school community will also attend the meetings depending on the agenda items and what the school feels they would like to share with the parents, such as new initiatives.


Why should I be part of the parent forum?


It gives you, the parent, an opportunity to get together on a regular basis with other parents to have your say on what the school is doing well, and suggest ideas of how things could be improved.


How often will the Parent Forum meet?


Every half term for about an hour.  Each term the Parent Forum meeting will be held at different times to try to enable as many different parents to attend who wish to.


What will be discussed at the meetings?


Anything related to improving the school and further developing the partnership between the school and parents.  The meetings will be informal and are on opportunity for an open discussion.  It is not the forum to discuss concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff.


How can I raise an issue?


Communicate it with your class representative or attend the meeting


Please see the link representatives for each class:


Yr 6 - Mrs Wynne and Mrs Shah

Yr 5 - Mrs Lloyd 

Yr 4 - Mr Cunningham and Mrs Green

Yr 3 - Mrs Shah

Yr 2 - Mrs Lawrence

Yr 1 - Mrs Wynne and Mrs Ponari

EYFS - Mrs Jeffries 





On 1st October 2021, representatives met and discussed the following points:


Online Calendar - actioned

All letters sent out via Parent Mail - actioned

A letter section set up on the website and letters put into in - actioned 

Ensure all parents in EYFS have access to Tapestry - actioned

Ensure all children have access to TTRockstars and Numbots - actioned

Ensure the Year 1 parents and children receive a social story regarding the addition of a new teacher - actioned

Ensure that all children have access to a regularly changed reading book - actioned

Consider changing to an online payment system - under discussion


On 26th November 2021, representatives met and discussed the following points:


All letters to be put on the website including those with slips - actioned

School lunches - actioned

Use of Forest School - actioned

Leavers' Hoodies - actioned

Reading Books - actioned

Reading Vending Machine - under discussion

Bake Sales - actioned


On 28th January 2022, representatives met and discussed the following points:


Portion sizes - school lunches - Mrs Gibbs to talk to HCL - wastage needs to be cut down first. Parliament to be involved in monitoring this.

Book Swap - some children who brought in books didn't take them home - books have been provided now. 

School calendar -  Mrs Gibbs has updated.

Advice on how often reading books should be changed - English adviser has been consulted and guidelines shared with parents and carers. 

TTRockstars Launch - parents loved this!

More scooter classes - date has been organised for Year 2 and will be communicated with parents/carers. This has now taken place!

PE kit - has the supplier changed? The PE supplier is the same. 

When parents and carers attended the October 2021 parent interviews they were given a questionnaire seeking their responses on a variety of issues. Please see below the results.


On 28th March 2022, representatives met and discussed the following points:


All children have thoroughly enjoyed the Tuesday class and Thursday parent cooking sessions. The children have had the opportunity to try new ingredients and many of the recipes have been replicated at home.

Love, love, love the hoodies! The children are having lots of fun being the “big kids” wearing them. Thank you to all that were involved in organising.

The maths challenge was fun with Haberdashers.

With Miss Abbott being absent, there were lots of concerns regarding the teaching for Year 6 especially with the SATs fast approaching but all feedback has been positive. The action plan to ensure that the class are continued to be taught by experienced Y6 teachers has been well received by both the pupils and parents. Well done Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Walters.

The World Book Week went down a storm, one pupil liked the taster week so much that she went on to read a classic.

Possibility of putting in swings in the playground or rope swings hung from the larger trees. This will not be possible due to health and safety concerns.

 Residential trip – will there be a meeting (Team or in School Hall) to discuss the residential trip even though the information letters have gone home? A date will be organised for early in the new term.

Attendance letters - parents/carers were not happy to received these. We discussed the recent communication to schools from the Department of Education on this and importance of attendance post-Covid and the impact non-attendance has on attainment and overall happiness.

Bikeability Course – parents were worried that this was too expensive, but a discussion confirmed that £25 for 5 days' tuition seemed reasonable. There are enough Year 6 participants for it to take place.

Some children are feeling a little panicky about SATS. Mrs Gibbs agreed to talk to the children and write a letter to the parents/carers.


My child is happy at this school – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

My child feels safe at this school – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

My child makes good progress at this school – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

My child is well looked after at this school – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

My child is taught well at this school – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

My child receives appropriate homework for their age – 98% (strongly agree or agree) 2% (disagree)

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

The school deals effectively with bullying – 75% (strongly agree or agree) 25% (don’t know – often explaining that their children had not encountered any bullying)

The school is well led and managed – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

The school responds well to any concerns I raise – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress – 100% (strongly agree or agree)

Would you recommend this school to another parent – 100% (yes)