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Margaret Wix Primary School Hits the News!

Below is a collection of events and visits from across the school, where Margaret Wix Primary School hit the news! We believe that children at our school should be given a wide variety of opportunities to give to others and become citizens of the world!

Margaret Wix Primary School celebrates reading and sport with a Quidditch Day! 

Margaret Wix Primary School raises money for refugees and hits the news!

The Queen's Green Canopy - The first school in Hertfordshire to have a tree planted in the school grounds, as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 Celebration

MP Daisy Cooper visits Margaret Wix

Lockdown Bake Off

On Monday 9th March we ran workshops about the importance of sleep. Huge thanks to Sophie and Sue from the school health team for leading this.

Aspirations Day! What an amazing opportunity for the whole school. We even made the local news.... follow the link below to find out more.

Year 2 enjoyed a whole day immersed in African life, with a fun, visiting workshop!

Early morning Library openings continue, with special guest readings from staff!

Our school were given the chance to design some very special banners to advertise a Christmas event on the Abbey Line in St Albans. The winning entries were printed onto huge banners and the designers received a prize in assembly. Can you guess which train station one of our banners is at from the picture?

Year 1's visit to St Albans Library. The children returned with a wealth of knowledge about Margaret Wix and a special article about when our school first opened back in 1954.

Year 3 visit the Roman Verulamium Museum, search for the remains of real Roman walls and explore the Hypocaust.

Year 4's reptile encounter as part of their Science topic.

The only Mayan archaeologist in the United Kingdom came to Margaret Wix and visited Year 5 as part of their topic work. She was truly amazing.

Firetips have a visit from real-life firefighters.

Andy Rigden visits Margaret Wix!