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Margaret Wix Primary School

Monarchs (Year 6)

Welcome to Year 6


Our class is called Monarchs and we are taught by Miss Abbott. Mrs Burr provides SEND support in our class.



Monarchs have PE lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are taught by a PE specialist teacher, Mr Tate, as well as Miss Abbott. Children will need to wear their PE kit to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will remain in them all day. In the autumn term, Thursday's PE lesson is swimming. Please ensure that they have the correct kit so that they can successfully participate. 



Children in Monarchs will have the opportunity to visit the school library every Thursday. They will be able to choose a book to take home to read. If they need to change a book, please ensure that they have it in school on a Thursday.


Home Learning

Give Me Ten - Children are expected to read for at least ten minutes every day and should record this in their reading record. Children should bring theiir reading record to school every day. In year 6, children are not expected to always read to an adult, however a parent/carer will need to sign their reading record to show that they have read at home. We hope to see lots of children becoming Reading Champions this year! 


Maths Magicians - There are a number of key mathematical facts that children should know and remember. These are, of course, taught in school but it is essential that children practise them at home too. You can find out which facts your child is currently working on by checking their maths record book. This is also where you should record their daily practice. Children's maths record books should be brought to school every day. Children will be quizzed on their maths facts every Friday. As they progress through the different stages of facts, children have the opportunity to earn rewards and work towards becoming Maths Magicians!


Times Tables - Times tables (and the associated division facts) are a vital part of mathematical knowledge and understanding. It is crucial that your child practises these skills at home by logging onto the Times Table Rockstars website daily, for at least ten minutes.


Handwriting - Using, your child can practise their handwriting at home. There are desktop and tablet login details that can be found by clicking on the writing star at the top of the page.


Spelling - In school, we will teach the children spelling patterns and rules. At home, we would like the focus to be on learning and practising the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings (you can find these by clicking on the spelling star at the top of this page)


English and maths - Children have English and maths written tasks to complete each week. The pages to be completed in their CGP books can be seen below. Home learning is set every Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.


This week's home learning is:

English workbook page 38 (formal and informal writing)

Maths workbook pages 17-18 (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000)


Stage Two Maths Magicians involves multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. You could practise this by:

- ask your parent/carer to choose a number, including one with one decimal place and try to multiply and divide it

- draw your own place value chart, like the one below, and practise moving the numbers across the columns

- ask your parent/carer to give you a number then create your own questions involving multiplying or dividing by 10/100/1000 which would give that answer

Stage Three Maths Magicians involves multiplication tables up to 12x12. You could practise this by:

- completing a multiplication grid, like the one below, as quickly as you can

- asking your parents to write down some wrong multiplication questions and you correct them for them

- listening to fun times table songs (such as the ones linked) and singing along
- focus on the times tables you are less confident with - you could make a poster to put up in your bedroom of the 7 times table for example