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Give me ten

Give Me Ten is a whole school initiative, which focuses on encouraging parents to spend ten minutes every day reading with their child. Research from the National Literacy Trust highlights the importance of reading:


‘Young people who get a lot of encouragement to read from their mother or father are more likely to enjoy reading, to read frequently, to have positive attitudes towards reading and to believe that reading is important to succeed in life than young people who do not get any encouragement to read from their mother or father.’


Every day that a child reads at home, they will receive a sticker which is placed on the wallchart in their classroom.

When a child has received 25 stickers, they will be presented with a new high quality book in assembly which they are able to keep. They receive another book when they have read 50 times, 75 times and 100 times. When a child has read 200 times, they become a 'Reading Champion' and when they reach 275, they can reach the grand title of 'Reading Ambassador!'


For our launch of Give me Ten, back in 2013, we made the news!  The school was visited by a news crew from Sky News to discuss our reading initiative, which included interviews with children and staff. Copies of the DVD of the visit are available from the school.


Names of the successful recipients are detailed in our fortnightly newsletters.  A massive thank you to all our parents who have supported this initiative. We are already seeing positive outcomes in the children's reading ability and enjoyment!