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International Celebrations!

A Celebration of Culture

Mrs Gibbs and Miss Abbott have taken part in equality, diversity and inclusion training this year called Great Representation, which inspired our Celebration of Culture but has also had a huge impact on our school generally - this can be seen in the video linked here.


International Week 2023 was a huge success and involved: trips to Christ Church; watching a French play; learning about different countries and cultures, and more! The week culminated in a fantastic celebration during which children shared what they had learned, our choir sung a song about working together to be the change we hope to see in the world, parents and carers contributed to an incredible international food fair, and displayed in our outdoor gallery were collages created by every child in school that reflect their culture.


Attending the event were Rachel Macfarlane (Director of Education in Hertfordshire) and Dr Michael Catchpool (School Effectiveness Advisor) who said it was “such an uplifting end to the week” and that they were “truly moved to see the impact of the Great Representation programme on this wonderful school community.”


Hertfordshire Early Years Advisor, Natasha Da Silva, also said it was “inspirational” and “an honour to join the staff and families to celebrate.”