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Margaret Wix Primary School

Legoland Visit

The children loved their trip to Legoland, learning about sustainability, going on rides and so much more...


Alex - I loved the Ninjago ride because it made me feel like I had superpowers. We built an EcoTown out of Lego and I put wind turbines in mine. We learnt how they are sustainable in Science week.

Kayden - We found out that a famous singer (Gary Barlow) has a dance floor in his house that generates electricity when you move on it. My favourite part of the day was the Flight of the Sky Lion ride. It felt like we were really flying!

Kayla - I really liked driving the Lego cars and I got a driving license. It was cool when we turned the lights out and saw our EcoTowns glow after we had built them.

Zaheera - We tried to include a river in the EcoTown we built with Lego . My team thought about making electricity with waterpower. I really loved driving the Lego Cars and the last ride made us all scream out loud!

Veda - I liked seeing the red pandas that were in the tree. I also enjoyed seeing the giraffes because they were so tall. It reminded me of South Africa.