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Margaret Wix Primary School

The School Parliament's visit to The Houses of Parliament

Year Six Pupil Parliament members are excited to be getting the train into London this morning to visit the Houses of Parliament. On our walk to the Houses of Parliament, we’ve spotted: Big Ben; the Palaces of Westminster; Westminster Abbey; the River Thames and statues of Sir Winston Churchill and Emmeline Pankhurst. We’ve walked in the footsteps of the King, stood in the House of Commons and House of Lords, seen statues of former Prime Ministers and so much more. Here we are in Westminster Hall, most famous recently for being where Queen Elizabeth II lay in state. We have learned about how a bill becomes a law during our workshop. We enjoyed the chance to debate a bill, sharing our opinions on whether petrol and diesel cars should be banned. Ishika acted as the Speaker of the House, some of us took on the role of MPs and others were Lords. After, the bill was presented to our Monarch, Alyssa, who then signed it in order for it to become law. Finally, we had the chance to meet our local MP, Daisy Cooper. We asked her questions and shared some of the things that matter to us about our city. What an awesome trip!