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Margaret Wix Primary School

Wondrous Writing Week

This week, we have been celebrating writing across the school by inviting parents and carers to join our English sessions. Lots of learning happened for both young and old across the school and the feedback was very positive:


I really enjoyed my session today. It was especially great to see how engaged my child was with the teacher when she delivered the lesson. Each child contributed during the delivery of the lesson and small adjustments were made so that my child could produce a fantastic piece of work. My child is thriving at Margaret Wix. Thank you for welcoming me into the classroom today.


It's a good insight into how they're are taught.


The teacher was animated in her delivery. Made me want to write about the Amazon!


Yes was great to see how the children are taught & what tasks they are set in class to complete.


I find these workshops really useful as an insight to how the children are taught. It’s great to see their writing at parent consultations but it’s great to see how they get to that result.


Yes. I got to see my daughter's involvement with the lessons and the teachers. I enjoyed her interest in finding ways to approach the solutions.


I enjoyed the session, teacher and teaching assistant keep helping and support students to listen to English in different ways.


Thank you very much again! I loved being able to come into my daughter's class and see her in action. I enjoyed seeing how Mrs Rowson gets all the children engaged in the task with fun things like Kung Fu punctuation.


Really well taught and fun for the children to keep them engaged and focused.


Looks like you're doing a great job. The school has a clear focus on reading/writing as the bedrock for wider academic achievement.


It was great. Lovely to see the interaction between the teacher and children, how the children built on each other's ideas. Personally, I enjoyed seeing my daughter's thought processes when deciding on specific words/phrases.