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Year 6 Residential Fun!

The summer term is always filled with exciting, memory-making opportunities for year sixes and I’m not sure they look forward to anything more than their residential trip! This year saw most of the children heading to Kingswood in Green Park, Buckinghamshire for a three-day adventure designed to build confidence, promote teamwork, develop resilience and, of course, ensure lots of fun!


Over the course of three days, the children have enjoyed swinging through the trees on high ropes courses, whizzing down zip wires, supporting each other in a variety of team games, perfecting their aim in archery, singing songs and telling stories around a campfire, testing their balance on low ropes courses and competing against each other in fencing. Of course, spending a few days away having a big sleepover with friends has been a highlight too!


Here are just a few quotes from the children about the brilliant trip they have had:

“I liked overcoming my fear of heights on the high ropes.” (Issa)

“ l liked the bonfire because there were good songs and we’ve been practising them since.” (Roma)

“I liked the high ropes because of the zip wire at the end.” (Hollie)

“I liked the buttery pasta!” (Scarlett)

“I loved fencing because it was just so much fun!” (Harry)

“I liked the high ropes most because I like climbing and that was the biggest challenge I’ve faced yet.” (Esmé)

“I was proud of myself for getting a bullseye in archery.” (Morgan)

“The disco light in our room was cool; it was like a party!” (Ramana)

“I liked the tree top adventure as it was so high.” (Toby)

“I liked playing dodgeball with our instructor Ollie.” (Seb)

“I liked it when everyone was chanting my name on the high ropes. I got down because I was scared, but then I got back up again and faced my fears!” (Joseph)


I think it's clear that year six have had an awesome time on their trip. Just in case you needed more convincing, however, take a look at the pictures below for another snapshot of the enjoyment they have had over the past few days. We can’t wait for them all to return and to hear even more about their adventure!


As always, we have been delighted to hear about what wonderful ambassadors for our school Monarchs have been - Miss Pott, Mr Milbourn and Miss Devlin have had nothing but praise for the children during the trip and this has been echoed by the staff at the centre too. Well done Monarchs!